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21 Danish Butter

Much better than any of the other ones. The box usually comes with different variaties too! How awesome is that? Love em'! NOMNOMNOM

22 Cantuccini
23 Ginger Snaps

Cookies with a soul. Probably - ListerBlister


24 Nutter Butter

so good

25 Thin Mint

So much better then chocolate chip! I mean, seriously?

They're the luckiest cookies you've ever tasted! - ListerBlister

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26 Fudge Stripe

These are so good that I usually eat half the pack - purpleyoshi98

27 Macadamia & White Chocolate

My all time favorite!

Orteil's favorite! - ListerBlister

Was anybody of you ever at Subway?
Taste this amazing cookie

28 Thin Oreos
29 Fig Newtons
30 Nilla Wafers
31 Ringo
32 Pavesini
33 Pan Di Stelle
34 Spritz

A Scandinavian cookie but very buttery and tasty. Love to have them at Christmas time.

35 Raspberry and White Chocolate
36 Peppermint
37 Lemon Thins
38 Lofthouse
39 Macadamia
40 Dutch Stroopwafel

No human in life has ever resisted this Dutch Cookie!

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