Best Coronation Street Characters


The Top Ten

1 David

Funny Guy copied his face best ever character before kylie

2 Tina

Sorry to say but I can't hear Coronation Street without thinking of I Want To Break Free

Just love the girl;')

3 Steve
4 Kylie

Her character was terrible

Too bad she died.

5 Sarah-Louise Platt

Sarah is stupid.

6 Rita

She is really kind and funny. She is a very sweet character.

7 Becky
8 Tyrone
9 Ken
10 Bethany Platt

The Contenders

11 Maria
12 Gail

I love Gail and her giraffe neck! She's so funny and creepy, it wouldn't be Corrie without Gail!

She's funny :) for the wrong reasons. She's amazing. GAIL WOO!

13 Carla
14 Peter
15 Norris

Norris! Norris, he is the worst!, he is a snobby nosey person who is after poor Emily's house

16 Sophie Webster
17 Tracy

She can be dreadful but she's also charming.

18 Kirk

He's really, really funny. I think he's one of the funniest actors ever and he does sound like Goofy, lol! - AuroraLoader

19 Liz McDonald
20 Jamie
21 Deidre

She is dead now...

22 Leanne
23 Nick
24 Stella
25 Kevin
26 Craig
27 Roy
28 Eva
29 Albert Tatlock

Coronation Street was at its best when characters like him were still in it.

30 Jim
31 Rob
32 Simon
33 Clayton
34 Max
35 Lily
36 Harry
37 Karl
38 Todd
39 Eileen
40 Jason
41 Anna
42 Sean
43 Billy
44 Fiz
45 Summer
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