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Canada is a country in North America that is next to the United States, and it's the 2nd largest country in the world (size is 9.985 million kmĀ²). This country has 10 provinces, and 3 territories. Canada became a dominion on July 1, 1867. Its 10 provinces are: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, more.


Canada is the most peaceful country I have ever been in. It also cares the about the environment the most. Living in America, whenever I drive places, there's always trash everywhere. It's not like that in Canada. People actually care about the environment in Canada. Also, Canada has free healthcare. In America, healthcare is expensive, especially for people like me with life diseases like asthma. Canada wouldn't go to war with anyone because it is so peaceful. And there's pretty much no racism. In Asian, so in American, a lot of the people are really racist. Sometimes if I walk down a busy city street, there will be people just looking at me in disgust and the "get out of my country" look. In Canada, everyone just accepts each other and gets along way better. And, if you work with most people in America, you'll just find out that people don't really care about you, they're mostly fake with a fake smile. In Canada, people willingly help you, and they just do it out of the kindness of ...more

Low oil prices are causing Alberta to collapse onto itself and people are moving away from Alberta. The no PST doesn't help people if they don't have jobs.

50% of immigrants still don't have a job after 2 years after arriving which is why a large percentage of immigrants return home.

Corruption in Quebec and Ontario construction.

Corrupt Ontario Liberal government start projects and cancel them but still pay out millions of tax payer dollars to companies. The leader of the party hired someone to erase the information on the computer systems to avoid getting caught before the police could seize the hard drives.

Canada is "selective socialism" which is paid for by the private sector workers. The selective socialism part means that everyone pays for the lavish public sector worker salaries. This might sound good but if you don't have a lavish public sector job then you are struggling to keep up with inflating public sector workers which form a big part of some ...more

Canada is awesome. Really helpful and polite people. There are a lot of immigrants so they don't care about your nationality or skin color. They are really open to foreigners.

The nature is simply breathtaking. In British Columbia, you got mountains, ocean and vast pine tree forests all together. There are a lot of parks and pleasant places in the cities.

The cities are clean, organized and the services work well. It's really safe. You don't see beggars in the streets or even shantytowns. I am used to it because I live in Brazil, but in Canada, even big cities such as Vancouver have nothing of that.

Economy and education are pretty good as well. There are a lot of opportunities. It's really peaceful, enjoyable and nice. I've lived there once and I will come back to stay definitely. You won't regret visiting Canada.

Canada is the most amazing country I have ever been to. I went at the end of last year and it was the best holiday I have ever had. The snow was amazing, pure white. Everybody there was so kind and friendly. Once I got lost and couldn't find my way to the supermarket, a kind lady walked up to me and asked "You are looking a bit lost, can I help you?" She drew me a map to the supermarket and I easily found my way. I love Canada and the people living there!

I Have lived in 10 countries and done business in 46 countries. There is simply no countries in the world that can equate what Canada can offer. I have lived and worked in Europe, Asia and USA. But one single country that I felt it has got everything is Canada. Less materialistic, more educated as compare with United States and UK. Much much less violent crime. I like Paris for it's beauty but cost of living is not for everyone. I had a casual dinner at the Park Hyatt Paris and cost me a small fortune. If you decide to enjoy a nice steak in Shanghai (at the Morton Steak house), it will cost you 2.5 times as compare with Morton in Toronto Park Hyatt. Cost of living in Canada along with it's medical services are second to none. Yes, in USA, if you got money, you can have very good medical services but can everyone afford it? And all that gun violence, can I really enjoy my cup of coffee at the local coffee house in US? I used to thin San Francisco is a great city, for scenic point of ...more

The United States is such a diverse and wonderful place. Like water? We have countless miles of coastlines - from the charming and chilly New England coasts on the Northern Atlantic to the balmy havens on the Pacific along our West Coast. Fantastic freshwater fishing in all of the Great Lakes up North and wonderful, comfortable water year-round in the Gulf of Mexico. The Rocky Mountains are a sight to behold - like to ski? Got that covered in spades. Hiking and camping your thing? No problem, just throw a dart at the map and you're there. Warm weather? Pick any one of our Southern states. Dry weather? Just stay west of Dallas and South of Colorado. Big cities your thing... New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, etc. Small towns more your speed? Easily done. Fast paced life - move to the Northeast. Slow paced life - move down South. Relaxed atmosphere - move to the West Coast. Warm, friendly people - move to the Midwest or Great Plains states. Solid economy, lower crime ...more

I love this imaginary country it has to be the best of the best and who say that USA is the best is a lair with all my respect to USA. Canada is the best trust me. Schools, Medical treatment are for free. Besides that Canada is rat and snakes free. Moreover, there is beeping on the road which is having lots of traffic. In addition, it has some of the best schools and universities in the world like Toronto University and we also have high wages which could reach 160$/hour. It is one of the most green and clean countries in the world which has fun places like Canada Wonderland and West Edmonton Mall. Finally, it is peaceful and doesn't have any kind of wars and the people are friendly too.

Canada for the win! Canada is the best and you know it! We are very kind... When there is a traffic jam on the highway there is no beeping, it is quiet enough for you to hear the engines of the car, and only that unless you're talking with you friend/family. Unlike in america people are just hot headed. There is not very much hatred nor is there many crimes that go around.

I am actually a Canadian so I am well placed to talk about my country.

Canada is a country that is accepting all races, religions and traditions that are from all around the world. There are lots of natural resources and beautiful landscapes. My two favorite places are Montreal and Ottawa. Ottawa is for people who are interested in politics and history. Montreal is for the ones who like to party, have fancy hotels (even though there are in Ottawa, I think that the Montreal's one are more typical and less expensive) and to learn about the French-Canadian history. The language that is spoken in Quebec is French. Such a beautiful language! But there is that thing that makes our country the one where it is the "best country to live in". It is the citizen. It might seem pretentious from me, since I am a Canadian but many tourist have confide me that people who live in Canada are cordial, welcoming, friendly, etc... I hope you'll have the pleasure to come see us someday.

I've been to 20 countries in my life, and I can honestly say that none of them compared to Canada, especially the United States. There's not a lot of people so it's nice and peaceful, the people are very kind to you and don't judge you on anything really. The economy is in great shape, and the health care system is awesome! I remember one time my friend when't to the US without insurance and broke his arm, it cost him $6000 to fix it, yet in Canada if you're a citizen you can just walk into the hospital and walk back out. It's really just an amazing country if you ask me, the best one in the world no doubt.

This country really is the peaceful, beautiful place they all say it is. The people are less materialistic than Australia and the UK and they are genuinely nice. Canada embraces its history rather than deny it like Australia. Canadians are more accepting of people and cultures than Australians. Every lifestyle that is available in Canada is affordable and not limited to only the few that can afford it like in the UK. Canadians keep it real and not head in the clouds like Australians.

I was born in Canada and lived here most of my life. I've left my house unlocked many times and my car running in the middle of winter. I remained safe. I worked and earned enough to go places and buy comforts in life. I felt safe all the time and people are friendly. Some stranger will just greet you in the elevator or on the streets and some will just make a conversation with each other in the bus. People say pleasantries to each other and go about their business. When a crime is committed it's in the news because everyday is mostly a good news day. Canada possesses the makings of a small town folks in a country where the land size and distances elegantly takes its place on earth. With pristine mountains, clean water, rich tundra and lush forests, it is the history of Canada itself. It is the melting pot of different cultures, traditions, race, color and religion. It is a rich country, in terms of money and human values.

Canada is clean, more environmentally conscientious (even down to an individual level), safer than most and friendlly. The education that most I've encountered receive from the public school system surpasses those who were educated in the most expensive and elite schools in the US. They manage to have social healthcare that works, unlike what Obama has put together for the US. I also believe that their government is actually more controlled by the people than most other countries. The air is clean, the grass is green, the people are friendly and the drivers courteous.

It's definitely the best country to live. Everything that is good about the USA, we have them here in Canada. The infrastructure us the same, nice road system, diversity of products, high quality goods, food, economy. So we beat the US by having a free health system, nicer people, more beautiful women, no violence, respect. There is absolutely nothing to complain about Canada. The taxes are a little higher than the US, but it's with it because of the free health. In the US you can easily become a homeless if you get sick and need medical assistance. The US has a nice economy and nice infrastructure and all mentioned, except nicer people, free health system, safety and respect. After Canada I would say the US FOR second place.

Whoever said Canada is underdeveloped, you couldn't be more wrong. I understand the opinion if you went to the North of Canada, where it's way too cold to develop, but if you went and visited our South, you have no reason to complain. And it's only cold during winter. We also give taxes only because of the free healthcare. Because here, in Canada, we care about each other. It's been documented: a homeless man had an arm broken, and he went to the hospital and got literally thrown out because he couldn't pay. Here, the homeless would've gotten his arm fixed. Canada is far better than the United-States. If there's any war in the world, the USA is obviously going to be the first target.

YES, IT IS BOSS! Whoever put Canada #1 Is the best person on the Top Tens because there are not many criminals, no money for hospitals, also they have better nature and far more peace and quiet! They even have the West Edmonton Mall which is the Best mall of all time! Canada is the best country in history!

Canada is a really great place to live in-the people are very nice and super friendly, even though you can't speak fluently English, they still treat you the same. If you are new immigrate, they provide free English classes for you, help you find a job. A lot of good thing about Canada, its a very great country. I like it.

I also think that Canada is the best place too live in the world because its safe, in Alberta, we only pay 5 percent taxes, and the economy is very stable, people don't have too worry about the Middle East attacking us because we don't have nukes so we can't harm them, I could go on all day on why Canada is the best place too live on the planet.

Canada is nice since the compass falls north and what is called the 'True North Strong and Free' lesson which is real freedom to elect in the finest leadership. It is a real privilege to be a citizen of Canada. Do not disagree in any way that it is truly the possible best of the continent and world. A lot of varied and conjoint variety in the different regions that it can be seen life is together and truly better than the rest. Senators are in style in this very Roman nation also in sports of all categories these are a nicest dream around. The gentlemen are most intelligent which is why it is desirable to be here much of the time. Ahead margin is huge also well there. Jolly good job to Canada. Dandy. - iliescu

Canada is not a good country for seniors. They have worked harder and longer than todays generations, looked after previous generations, today they have to go without their medicine because many of them cannot afford it. Seniors in the province of Ontario has just been h! t with a 70% increase in their medical expences so the entitled younger generations can get their free degrees. Hope seniors disinherit their entitled boble wrapped demanding, entitled it's all about them generations. In Canada where young Canadians gosh about how great the country is, many people have to decide on a daily basis if today will include food or heat or electricity or medicine. Good old Canada the land of the entitled young generation, who are part of the group that abuse elders. Shame on you. You can always hope you die before you become a senior or look forward to them telling you you can have them kill you, that too is happening in a couple of provinces. You have served your purpose, hop up on the ...more

Canada is the best country because we have free healthcare pouteen we have one of the lowest crime rates in the world we have extremely kind caring and loving people if you ever see one of those most kind things people have done lists you know what I'm talking about and for the Americans just so you know we do not live in igloos our country has really hot springs and summers and we have one of the highest life to death ratios and and we are extremely far from over population. And Canada is one of the most non corrupted country's in the world. This is why there is no question that Canada is the best country in the world. Every one in Canada is extremely lucky to live here and we are all proud and happy to be Canadian.

As a transplanted Canadian living in the USA, undeniably Canada is the best place to live! Health care for everyone and the government takes care of the less fortunate now like the USA. Not a lot of violence in Canada either. Someone is always getting shot in the USA and it is so frequent that some nut goes on shooting rampages. I do NOT feel safe here! Returning to Canada next year and I can't wait!

Canada's the best country in the world. Unlike what some people think, Canada isn't ruled by eskimos and it isn't a completely snowy place. It has a very stable government. No war, good education and close to the US. However, it's better than the US... The only bad things are that it has a high tax and it's very costly to live in for the new immigrant.

The coldness of the climate is offset by the warmness of the people. Vast natural landscapes of every kind that you can imagine and a much more accepting attitude towards different cultures than our neighbours to the south. Canada is generally safe, has a strong healthcare structure (though not always speedy) and provides a good education that is competitive with the Asian countries who tend to lead the pack. The difference being of course, that you can have a much better quality of life in Canada than in Japan, Hong Kong or South Korea.

Canada it has beautiful nature probably the best in the world it is really safe here. The education is amazing and the number of jobs in here is outstanding. NO war, no hunger its amazing. I love Canada.