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England, or the kingdom of England, is one of four countries located within the United Kingdom. It united with Scotland and Wales in 1707 as Great Britain, and later Ireland in 1801. English is the primary language of England and one of many official languages in the U.K


Best country in the WORLD. I've been to all of them, in order of excellence; - England, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia.

England, and especially London, in UNBELIEVABLE in comparison. Best mix of famous people, rich people, millionaires, BILLIONAIRES, small businesses, large businesses, multinational businesses, cars, sports cars, art, history, culture, architecture, tech, people, industry, beaches, countryside (most beautiful countryside in the world by far), political scene, journalists (British papers like the Spectator etc are simply unmatched), sports (cricket, football, etc), proximity to interesting places in Europe, everything.

AND England has a Monarch! Bloody brilliant combo!

I am so proud of being a British citizen. England is an amazing country with amazing views and natural landmarks and natural beauty way better than the US. Houses are cheaper cars are cheaper etc etc. It's so annoying when people say US is better just cause it has bigger houses, I mean what that just makes housekeeping so much harder, schooling here is way better than the US, our football team and football clubs are so good. England is so centrally located on Earth so travelling is not that hard, at the end of the day England is an AMAZING country and AMAZING place to live.

England is the best country ever! I love it here, the air is really clean and there is no pollution and you might think London has hardly any trees but Hyde Park has thousands! Education is absolutely amazing, people have very good education's which really makes it better than other countries. There is democracy so people can vote and everybody is equal. It has amazing places with beautiful views like the White Cliffs of Dover and much more! If England was an hotel I would rate it 12 out of 5 stars!

I moved to the UK from the US and can not believe how fortunate I am. We have a compassionate view of life and a basic respect for a FairPlay in the spproach to life. A democratic approach that far surpasses America and willing to truly debate issues. We are aware of issue around the world and try to be responsible in our approach to progressive ideas. That doesn't even take in the exquisite landscape and diversity of landscapes and wildlife! The architecture is amazing and we protect our cultural past! I am extremely proud to be a British citizen and would never live anywhere else!

The population in England are patriotic, but not ignorantly. They understand that no country is the best at everything. People are more politically astute in England whilst the educational and medical infrastructure is rivaled only by the Scandinavian nations. Moreover, although I'm not an advocate of War, the British armed forces are world famous for being the best, whilst the SAS is undoubtedly the best trained special forces regiment in the world.

London is one of the best cities in the world and the scenery in the country side is superb especially in the county of Yorkshire. If. You want to visit the uk, go to London and if you want to live in the uk move just outside London. Public transport in the uk is excellent

I am a child in England and it is GREAT in my opinion I know I am only 8 years old but so far their has been tasty foods, talented schools, fun holidays, HUGE houses, unbelievable hospitals and the most important thing is that it is very peaceful here I hope you agree with my opinion and think England is a GREAT country to live in

Love this country. I moved to England from America and it's so much better. The stereotype about British people having bad teeth and being rude is so not true, I met so many good looking and caring people here with shiny teeth. Should be number 1

England is a fantastic place to live. People are friendly, lots of beautiful countryside. A great history of culture, arts, literature, sports, law, policing, medicine and science.

Somewhere everyone should visit before they die

England is such a safe place to live in everyone is friends and we are ever so friendly there is no volcanoes no horrific storms. We have got a queen and a prime minister love it here. My nation is England and I live here but do wanna go on holiday to usa

England is way amazing - everything - the nature the building... Unlike the weather we can't see the sun but nature and proper buildings are way enough - I toured europe and england was the most amazing - I advice all to go there.. But as for houses.. There are
Laces which are really dirty they should be cleaned and houses should be took care of ( they should all be the same color and updated year by year ) but everything is amazing..

Greatest country in the world because it has the greatest people. Overachieves in every single field considering it's size and has some truly beautiful cities and countryside. The US and Canada have such and every man for himself attitude whereas the British all look out for one another. Best country in the world!

My dream is to live here. But I know I can't. Which is what kills me. But one thing I guess I can and most likely will do is visit!

It's such an amazing country to be be in an di truly love being a British citizen. Yes I will imply that the weather can be crazy at times but sometimes it can have gorgeous sun at some times. We also have free health care (I know other countries have that) thank you NHS so we can walk out the hospital without a massive bill. The history is also very fascinating as well and something good to look into. Same sex marriage is also legal here. Just to say tea is awesome. But if you dislike this country I respect your opinion.

Great social safety net, free healthcare, good education and workers rights, friendly people, accepting and very diverse culture. Also seemingly a far safer country than the USA for example, which is important especially if you have kids.


Not only are we more economally developed than many countries, we are also more developed in the way we think as England is very inclusive of people from all backgrounds with all sexualities, and I think that sets us apart from countries such as America.

For those who say we're great we are we got the queen, a great civil country good history good system not a broke down country though we pay hospital through tax but saves loads of money this country is brill

I is of no doubt the greatest country in the universe. Success at almost everything, good leaders, mild weather, great landscapes, business centre, smart people, rich history with the Great British Empire!

Born and raised here, free healthcare, friendly people, nice scenery, perfectly located, lots of history and culture... Shame about the weather and the food :(

This country is brilliant despite the weather! :) Everyone there are nice to each other. Beautiful views and great landmarks. It is full of culture and is quite cheap compared to where I come from... Norway!

Should be higher than US because we make better tea and chocolate, better cars, better everything. No offense, but it is true. Deal with it! Should be #3 after Australia and Canada.

Amazing country full of helpfulness and laughter you'll love it England is the main country you think of when you think of the countries you know England Australia Pakistan UAE including Dubai where Islam is followed my religion and USA the government is full of courage and the different voting parties ( labour is the best out of conservatives which is my opinion) sorry not getting too into England but in England I live in Cambridgeshire which is so amazing but I still miss my own country Pakistan! thanks and like please

A former world super power that still thinks it is powerful. The cities are dirty and full of immigrants. It is true there is no go zones in cities for the Englishman. We get Islam preached to us. Christian traditions taken away. Sorry but same sex marriage should not happen in a church. People who will abuse this please try to get married in a mosque. No media pressure for this I wonder why. America be warned tighten immigration or you end up like the uk. The countryside is fantastic is the only plus side.

I America we do have democracy and america is the best place on earth because america has way more people the government has to look after so yes there will mot be as many jobs for 300 million in america as for 63 million in England so think about that.