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Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.


- living standard
- very good infrastructure
- clean places
- very friendly, helpful, honest, intelligent, sensivite, reliable, cosmopolitan, accurate, punctually, industrious, properly
-very big food selection (bread, beer...)(sole germany)
-many beautiful places (castles, mountains, beaches, sea, rivers..)
- not tempo limit (sole germany)
-weather well-balanced
-hartz IV - you can live in germany without working - social system
- child support (money for kids)- social system
-one of the best training systems and health systems
-german language
-very good economic
-freedom of expression
- good music
-health insurance system
And so on...
That's why the peoples come to here...
And we are not nazis (except a few trailers of hitler)

Germany is hands down the best how can you compare Canada or the United States over Germany? First off health care whether you are rich or poor you have access to it and guess what they will take care of anything wrong with you asap and unlike many other countries guess what you don't have a gazillion dollar medical bill drowning you in debt. Rich or poor we all deserve healthcare as we did not choose to be born on Earth.

Second Education how much money is it to go to a University in America? I mean I never have got the concept why do you not want your country to be educated without drowning in debt? Well in Germany you can go to a University for practically nothing. Yes if younger smart enough can get in the books want to learn then well Bingo you can go to a University.

You can do an Ausbildung on the job training which most people have here and they know what they are doing here with work jobs etc ( why the economy is good here)and when they are done again they aren't ...more

Germany has a strong economy, gorgeous landscapes, the best food in the world, and it is the safest place to be. The people who reside there have many virtues and kind spirits. We help our fellow European nations economies and give jobs to the Greeks who are moving in. We forgive other nations and pay our debts quickly and efficiently. And almost nothing wrong happens politically. We always have a caring and helpful chancellor. We are not greedy and we will help someone who needs it. We welcome people of all races into our borders and we warmly invite them into our cities.

Germany) the best place for live. Actually I am not from Germany but it is a real developed country, best place for education. Best place for life expectancy and best freedom. And its hundred times better than any-other country in the world.

I was born and raised in Germany, but have been in Canada for 6 years now. When I compare these two countries, Germany wins hands down. Glad to be back soon. Reasons for Germany: education, infrastructure, housing, everything is well organized, nice and intelligent people, and so many things to do!

It's a very nice country in general, I love Germany, the cities are so great, big and very lovely, the economy is great too! Also I think that the laws are the best of the world (low taxes and good rules). the only downside I think is the language, its easy to learn but so damn annoying

I had never been here or any other country but as a Canadian I say Germany is better than our southern neighbour USA. Germans Are not jealous of anyone is what I heard. I know this because of research on the internet and other people say that Americans are way too jealous of other countries. I would love to visit Germany someday. Canada and Germany are better.

Germany should be number 1... I'm Canadian and I honestly don't know why Canada is number 1, Germany is the best Country in the World.

Nice country, clean, interesting history, nice people, good food, very central (good for traveling), high living standards, environmentally friendly and not in a recession. What's there not to like?

Great standard of living. Very lawful. Great culture. Great roads. Very scientific. Nice people

I am Canadian and have lived in Germany for many years. The standard of living here is higher. There is a greater variety of everything. The media are more critical and independent. There are many very well-paid jobs and foreigners are easily integrated into West Germany

Germany is the best country in the world because of a very good economy, a very low crime rate, very high standards, very good products, it is very clean, and very kind and nice people living there.

Great innovators and build high quality goods nothing beats German level of education and work ethic and principals

One of the most brilliant places on earth good culture brilliant things to do its amazing.

Never been to Germany however it is a brilliant country. I honestly think Germany and Canada should be in the top 3 spaces.

It's a great country in terms of infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications, state of the art technology and of course security.

It is a very clean country and money is not everything, the qulity of live is much better in Germany, not everything is about money and when there is a holyday it is a holyday for everybody.

Germany doesn't need the Nazi regime to kick everyone's ass

I feel safe, the people are honest, humble and reliable, you have all the possibilites here, even when your poor you can attend university and get a good education, people are generally smart and informed, you have work security, at least 28 days of vacation a year, lots of insurances, good infrastructure, high developed, multicultural. But to live good you need a bit of dicipline and to be reliable at work, but that's normal.

I love everything about Germany the culture, the food, the people, the cities, and it's in one of the greatest continents ever!

I was not born there but was raised and educated in Germany. I now live in Australia. While Australia is not a bad country to live in, it cannot reach the water to Germany. I am sorry I left and cannot go back there to live.

I would love to visit this country and possibly move there, the language might be tough but all depends on work availability and career prospects?

Is sick you know my name is jerry and I am from Wales and have lived in Germany for 7 years and it is the best country ever to live in is so sick

Why, isn't Germany simply beautiful and wonderful?!

Healthcare for everybody, paid vacation ( 30 days a year average), very clean, healthy food and always fresh, strong economy