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Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. ...read more.


It's the best country I have lived in. I have lived in USA and was bad, I have been in Japan (better than USA) and I have been in England (better than USA). The swedes are very nice and helpful people. Everything is so nice there no problems there. It's like you are in heaven. They take care of children very hard. The food is so healthy there nothing is bad. For me like a half American and half British it is the best country in the world.

Not only is Sweden one of the best country's on earth and one of the most "free" places on earth. If u look on how u LIVE in Sweden we get 9 MONTHS to stay home with our newborn baby, u pay taxes and the people who make more money pay more than the less fortunate ones. We get 100% free medical care- which includes all operations etc. only thing u pay for is your room. And our government isn't led by just one or two, it's led by many different groups who then get along together to make all of the decision.

So If u compare Sweden to America for example we are way better, America has one of the worst systems for helping people get an education it costs a lot of money but also its like 1% that actually gets to earn a LOT of money.

And let's not forget that ALL of the education here in Sweden is 100% free

Sweden is good as long as you live in the right place. Unless your grandfather didn't bought a 3 bedroom flat in the inner city of Stockholm, you will end up in the ugly and horrible suburban ghettos...

Also consider the fact that everything is forbidden here (almost no freedom of choice) and a governmental believe that Sweden and Swedes are alone responsible for the environmental situation in the whole world and gladly tax you for that...

I'm swiss but I have travelled to Sweden a lot and also worked there for six months. Sweden is by far the best and most developed country I have ever experienced. It is far ahead of all European countries including the rest of the scandinavian small countries. I love Switzerland but objectively, I struggle to see any comparable country to Sweden.

Sweds are most sensible people on earth. They had adopted neutral status in early 19th century & rest of the world realized worthless of wars after second world war. Higher values are deeply instilled in this society.I am an Indian, have been living here for last 3 years. I have got tremendous respect for Swedish society.

Sweden is the best country to live. Canada is the worst with criminals from all over the world live here and prey on Canada. Canada has no strict rules for immigration and takes all druggist and criminals and grants them permission to live here. It is third class country. There is no place like Europe. Every country in Europe has class. Its clean. If anyone has a chance to live in Sweden go for it, you will never regret. Its a beautiful cultural country all Scandinavian countries. Wow for this beautiful country.

Shut up idiot your saying things about Sweden and saying bad things about Canada. Oh, and by the way Sweden has more criminals than Canada. SO SHUT UP IT DOESN'T MATTER Canada IS BETTER THAN Sweden

"People I have met from Sweden a no fakes. They act nice because they are nice. No offense to fellow Americans but we tend to be nice as a form of cooperation much like in a business setting. I've met Swedish people that are actually very nice through and through.

Why is Sweden so awesome? ;-; I'm from Ireland and when I visited Sweden I was stunned how beautiful this country was, sexy, nice and funny people "both men and girls" Amazing cities, Great food and candy products. That's it I'm moving to Sweden!

Easy country where nothing is complicated, and the friendliest people in Europe. Also Sweden is the country of quality, from their roads to their machines (Volvo, Husqvarna, Ericsson) and to their meet (one if the best and most organic meet in the world). The restaurants are of very high quality. You will most likely get better tapas in Stockholm then in Malaga, and better Pizza then Milano, and surely better service then anywhere.

They had to ask Norway for trash. No joke.

The USA took more then 150 years to have freedom. It took Sweden less then 2 years. And Sweden has been around as a country since the 1300s. Go Sweden go. I mean at hockey.

Sweden is very diverse and is full of culture. We see everyone as equal and everyone is treated the same. We have a golden rule in sweden that everyone knows "Treat others as you want to be treated by them." Sweden is also very environmental conscious.

I love Sweden. I had a chance to work with Swedish people and they are really kind and open-minded. In addition, the swedish girls are really hot!

I see a lot of swedes do great success in their business, A LOT OF THEM...and they do GREAT GREAT success. The country is strong, protected, happy, beautiful, and I think you'll feel pretty safe in Sweden. Not only the country is awesome, but the people too. The people are kind, sweet, good at heart, and really fun to go out with. They have such a great great personality. I'm not a swede but, boy! I really really wish I was. If you're a swede and u hate your home country, DON'T. Swedes are VERY lucky. Seriously.

I'm sure Sweden is the best country to live in! It has got many powerful companies, like Ikea, Volvo, DICE, etc. Also it's a good place to work as a computer progammer, its has got a very good education system and a good healthcare system. The Swedish girls are very nice, too! For every of this reason, I'm trying to do my best to emigrate here when I finish the high-school and to make a family here! - Superoidxxl

A very liberal and social country. Free hospitals and free education.

Beautiful country and Swedes are very very kind. I live in Sweden and I am very happy. Freedom and love all over the country. That is the way of living. I love Sweden.

Sweden is a beautiful country with very nice people very cultured and very fancy language I love swedes hot girls with blonde hair nice bodies delicious food kind good people

I have lived in Spain for 12 years and I moved to Sweden 5 years ago I saw that there's a big change life and economically, I have archive what I didn't in 12 years. I give Sweden I of the best place to live in the world. Thanks Sweden

The best country I've ever lived in! It's beautiful and has amazing nature! Swedes are nice and welcoming people, really respectful and always ready to help you. And I love that you can meet people from every country and culture there, all feeling home.

I really hope I'll be able to go back there!

I also have to disprove a cliché: the life costs more or less like here in Italy where I live now and where I am from, but the salaries are higher and there are way more helps.

After growing up in Sweden I lived in Denmark, France and Canada I couldn't be more happy to be Swedish..

No enemies for this country unlike for the United States, great healthcare system, and great Education system.

Sweden was rated number one country for business by Forbes, has an amazing Single-Payer Universal Healthcare system, it's a Grassroots Democracy, I could go on for hours, possibly days.

Most of them are atheists which means most of them are smarter (not saying religious people are dumb, but honestly, it tends to work out that way). It means they're more open to ideas and others opinions. Development of Science.

Beautiful landscape, too.

Sweden is amazing. People are great and so is the venue. I think people who talk bad about Sweden, please leave and make room for other who want to be here.