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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


I've been rather sad looking at my country lately. Living in Minnesota, I have been hearing about people fleeing the United States to Canada by way of our northern border. We have a statue that stands in New York harbor which says that foreigners are welcome in our country, or are supposed to be. It really hurts to see the hate crimes and people being forced out of our nation. We also have a media that is incredibly biased. Every time a crime happens, our media immediately jumps to "terrorism" which is the media's code word for "Muslim". We have a president who calls reality "fake news", and lives in a bubble where everything the conservative media says is taken as gospel truth. We call ourselves a Christian nation when Christ always taught inclusion, acceptance, kindness, and trust. Our current president's policies so far run opposed to all those principles. Our conservative media tries to hide the bad stories about our president, to the point where many of them are only reported on ...more

I love the mind set of people in USA. There is no subtle go around the bush bull crap. Most of us say what we think as directly as possible in most cases as politely as we can. Please don't consider as 'rude'. There is the beauty in no between the line crap. As the country is known for, this is the land of the opportunity, if a person works hard to achieve his dream, you'll get there.

You definitely need a car to go around. Public transportation is minimal in this country, and we can improve on health care, college tuition and cost of textbooks though. But again, if you work hard enough, you will reach your dream at least dang close to it.

A lot of people say it is most racist country, but that depends on what part of USA you reside. People from most big city and nearing suburbs are use to diversity. I'd definitely recommend to stay away from southern states if you are nonwhite. But racism is not a slap on the hand in this country like some other countries. In USA you ...more

What I've observed is that the people who say all the spiteful things in the comments either live in one of the crap states or have never even been there. To a normal person living in an average city, crime is not a threat and you'd feel fine walking around, and even though it is unfortunately higher than other developed nation, it doesn't compare with some of the Latin American, African, or South Asian countries. People say that everyone is a gun-toting, obese, brainwashed idiot. First, most households who do own a gun keep it locked away in case of emergencies only. The US has a high obesity rate, but it's not everybody. The News criticized the government all the time; it's basically a national sport. Yes, the US does have a lot of problems, but so does every country including my home nation, and picking only the bad things about a nation and intentionally excluding all the good things is horribly detrimental to understanding the whole picture.

I'd move here if I could, just for all the theme parks. It seems a lot more EXCITING than the uk.

While much of the world dislikes the US because of our policy, our government or government's policy does NOT reflect the US at all!
We are a very diverse, welcoming nation, a nation that provides lots of opportunities for anyone willing to work hard and dedicate themselves.
Plus we have tons of attractions, our National Parks, big glittering cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, amusement parks like Disneyland, Six Flags etc, etc.
Plus we Americans tend to be a happy, friendly lot of people who help others and each others. We have plenty of problems: but we are also a very optimistic, resourceful people too.

All you guys have against the United States is that the government is run poorly and that their is a lot of crime here. Both of these are true, but there are reasons for it. Yes, there is more crime here than Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand etc, but that's because America has more people than all of these countries combined, almost 320 million to be exact. And yes, the government is run poorly, but that happens when you have democrats running The US handing out money to anyone that wants it bad enough. The US is more diverse than all of these countries as well, making it easier for certain people and cultures to clash. The US is and always will be the best country in the world because we were the first free democratic nation in the entire world, and the US not only cares about its citizens, but it cares about the well being of the rest of the world as well. "The land of the free and the home of the brave."

I'm scared to death about all these comments about America is becoming horrible and falling apart but really, we are in a slump that's all. But, we are getting better, and we are a great country. When Obama is kicked out (yes, kicked out) we will start to clear things up. But, America is a nice country, I mean everyone says that America is a selfish, ignorant country, but everywhere I go, there are a bunch of considerate, nice citizens. If you use common sense, The Vietnam war and the whole Nixon thing was probably the worst time for us, and those 3rd world countries are horrible. So, we are a great country. If you look into your community, it is at least 99.9% great. So, the affects aren't so bad, and just keep living your life. I'm 13, and am not giving up, no matter what nuclear war threats, no matter what pollution, no matter what happens, I think I'll probably live a full life.

I love America! I moved away 2 years and I've been living in Africa. I came back for a month and it was AMAZING! I went to so many places in had so much fun in not even 10% of the state. And there is 50 states! There is so much you can do compared to Africa and people are so much more nicer and crazier and funnier! The food is amazing! So many options. Roads are great! Love all the attractions and amusement parks! Love the nature and the beaches! America is truly amazing. I might not be perfect guys but compared to some parts of Africa it's a dream! Just to be able to rely on the power and water is amazing! To be honesty Canada is too cold and undeveloped for me. Australia is all beach. America has snow, beaches, mountains, and so many more! Just loved my stay it was great!

I just want to point out some of the ignorance of peoples posts both for and against it being the best country. One of the biggest problems I see is people say that the US is in trillions of debt but the world owes more debt to the US than the US owes to the world. The US has great scenery and a vibrant culture and is very well developed everywhere has clean water and electricity. It may not be the best country in the world but really no ONE country is the best. Parts of the US are the best and parts of other countries like New Zealand are the best but the question really is whats the best fit for you. What everyone else says doesn't matter people live their own lives and can choose what country they like the most even id it isn't on this list.

Not a perfect country as there is some government corruption, crime, and expensive healthcare. Still, it's a pretty damn good place to live. Tons of freedom. A lot of diversity. You can choose to live in so many different kinds of cities based on what you like! Big busy metropolis like NYC, rural farming towns, rugged mountain villages, beautiful beaches and resorts, gloomy green mountains (Pacific NW), paradise islands of Hawaii, cold isolated beauty in Alaska, etc. There is so much here for everyone. It's the land of choice. Beautiful landscapes and so much to do - you could never leave the country and never run of out things to see and different places to live. Driving is extremely organized, people are generally friendly, and it's next to Canada, too.

The USA isn't number one anymore, After decades of waging unnecessary wars across the planet the US is close to 20 Trillion dollars in debt and the people aren't anywhere near as free as their grandparents were, The US Government has meddled in elections in other countries and then has the audacity to tell other governments to mind their own business. The American people must change their ways and stop intervening or they will become the most hated people on Earth. There are many murders and mass shootings every year in America and somehow don't learn that giving assault rifles to everyone doesn't usually end well. The stupidity of Americans is astounding. - fpsplayer5678

What I don't get is why all these Canadians are telling people America is bad. 1. Donald trump, A country is not bad by people it gave birth to sorry. Lol there are bad people in every country guys ok we are all humans. I personally think Canadians are jealous! Because what do they have? Snow. 2. Also Canadians are telling people that America is so dangerous. Well it isn't. I lived there and it was anything but. Compared to other countries in Africa America is SUPER SAFE. And isn't America like 10 times bigger in population than Canada? No wonder there is more crime! These pale Canadian losers need to get off here and just stop telling people America is so bad because it isn't guys trust me!

My country, but has been governed by clowns and jokers (example, Trump, Obama), government spies on you like there's no tomorrow, police force is INSANE, owning guns is a right, and healthcare is a privilege, and a lot of other problems here with it's zany political system. In the US's early ages, it was actually a FREE country. They say that this is the land of the "free and the brave", but now it's just the land of creeps, weirdos, spies, police brutality. If you want a truly free country, go with the early United States or Canada or something like that. This country is falling apart, if we want to keep it, ask a centrist libertarian like me.

It's funny how people want to try and claim that the US is some awful country and how everyone who lives here is evil. Most of these people who say stuff like this are blind and haven't seen what other countries truly look like. Every country has it's bad side and corruption will be anywhere you go but for some reason the US gets the most hate and it makes me wonder why. It's the most diverse country in the world yet many think that because there are some racist people that live here they assume the whole country must be racist. I've lived in South Carolina my whole life and I've had my ups and downs(mostly downs) but I'm still thankful to have been born here. We are not perfect but we sure ain't close to being the worst.

Our history is one of the best- but only because of the struggles we overcame as one. During the Revolutionary War, we defeated the most powerful country in the world with a small militia. We did so because our troops wanted something- democracy. During the Civil War, our troops brought back the southern states to maintain our government of the people, by the people, for the people. During the Civil Right movement, we overcame racist barriers that were in place for thousands of years. Our union isn't perfect. We have corrupt people in power. But America overall is certainly the best country in the world.

The US was the first place to have modern democratic republic. Every country that has a democratic republic copied us. The US also has free education unlike many countries. Yes we do not have free healthcare but its because the US has police and firemen who keep almost everyone safe. The US has the best military in the world. We use our military for freedom all around the world. Yes the US use to have slaves but which country didn't. Now we help keep the world safe. Also the US has almost every single climate. Forest to Desert to Tropic to Tundra.The US has more freedom than every other country. If you don't believe we don't help other people take a look at your history book and go to chapter World War 1 and 2 and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Also other wars.

The United States is the greatest country in the world. Most of the people are very friendly. In most countries, there is one climate, but in The United States there are several different climates. But most importantly, The United States is a place where you can be free. You can be who you want to be, act how you want to act, and practice the religion you want to practice. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender. It doesn't matter if your white, black, Mexican, Asian, etc. EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE! If you want to be yourself with no one to judge you, come to The United States of America.

For people who hate America and are reading these comments where Americans are stating how great America is, don't worry. Many of us Americans are brainwashed into believing this is the greatest country, yet most have never visited any other, giving them no credibility. I'm happy to say that the brainwashing has never affected me. I can't wait to leave, I've been considering Canada, spent a good amount of time there and is SO much better and so much more stable than America. Don't forget, America is "Land of the fat, home of the blindly led".

While america is a country of disarray due to opposing political factions, economic weakness, racism and capitalism along with a underfunded school system, places like seattle and san francisco are hubs for culture, intellect and art. We must never forget the some of the worlds great bands came from this country, pearl jam and heart are two to name, great scientist and thinkers too. As unfortunate that parts of the stereotypes are undoubtably true, the fact remains that america can hold opportunities and chances. I've have only covered some of the perks and some of the problems but I steadfastly remain that america is not an oppressive country - Auf29482

The top 3 I have to say cause I would vote in all of me but I voted US cause it's my home country

3. USA: yes it's a great country, somewhat good education, freedoms of the people, people who are nice. But the bad things are illegal immigrants, starting wars for no reason, Obama, national debt, high obesity rate, and Obama

2. Australia: I do see how it is a great place to live like the beautiful high tech cities, good education, and low poverty but the bad thing about Australia is that EVERYTHING can kill you there

1. Canada: Canada is a good pick for top 10 but it should be 3 or at least 4 I mean it's a beautiful, nice place with great healthcare and education, but they gave us a horrible thing, the monstrosity known as Justin Beiber, that's the bad thing about Canada

We have the most rights and the nicest people. It's not as bad of a country as it may seem if you don't let your life revolve around the media. Here, it is beautiful, peaceful, just, safe, and you can believe or think whatever you want. Yes we do have our issues, like every other nation, but they can be resolved if you just relax. There are so many resources for any issues you may have. If you want to start a company, go right ahead and follow your dream. You can achieve any dream you want in the US (as long as its not evil or criminal). Enjoy life!

Why would you want to live in a place where guns are everywhere? Walking around, you never know who could pull out a gun. No thanks. Why are you the only developed nation that doesn't care for your people but not offering health care, seems so backwards.

Definitely not the safest country, but overall the best. Is a developed country with many job opportunities, most people are polite and will help you, not to mention the shopping! The govt. Is ok too. Has an enormous economy and when Europe is down, USA will still be one of the best. Why do you see everyone comparing some country to USA?

By the way, for those of you who say Europe is the best, forget it because almost every European country (minus Germany and UK) is destroying the world economy, mainly Canada, USA and Australia.

Yeah, America is awesome! I have lived here my whole life, sure Europe may have castles and Asia may have emperors, but America is like all the countries in the world wrapped up in one! Great food, nice weather, and don't listen to any foreigner who tells you Americans eat hamburgers every day and all those stereo types we aren't like that.

If you can get past the sickeningly consistent flow of intolerant pricks (No offense to anyone - I'm American and even I realize that the whole "homophobic racist nationalist" stereotype is correct 95% of the time), it's really a gorgeous country with a fair government and lots to see and do.