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41 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates, sometimes simply called the Emirates or the UAE, is a country located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, as well as sharing sea borders with Qatar and Iran.

HOW!? It Should be one of the top 10 at least!

The best place in the world to live in

Amazing country, must visit!

My best coutry

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42 North Korea North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.

To be honest I think it's kind of suspicious how North Korea is starting to invest in tourism while most of the population are practically slaves.

Is good if no get executed

Interesting place to visit

Look past Kim Jong Un, poverty, the 1 dollar-900 won thing, and lack of freedom. Then you see propoganda and prison camps.

43 Palestine Palestine

I hope to visit palestine one day!

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44 Iraq Iraq

I love Iraq but I'm a Ghanaian... I love kirkuk the most in Iraq
Please vote for Iraq

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45 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south and southwest, and the Caspian Sea to the west.

What a country! It is the 9th best country to visit I been there and fantastic better than China and India and Pakistan

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46 Egypt Egypt Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia, via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt IS in Africa... Isn't it? - xXImMyOwnHeroXx

47 Syria Syria
48 Yemen Yemen Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. V 1 Comment
49 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab state in Western Asia (Middle east) constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official Language is Arabic The capital city is Riyadh.

KSA is better then Iran man Iran is not hot people hate me because I'm a Sunni Tunisian and there is so many boring places there KSA have desert,sea,skyscrapers,fish food restaurants,camels and everything I want

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