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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


I bet all people that voted for this are filipino. you are voting for your own country. If you want to be honest this is "top 10 countries to visit". "Diverse culture? " all filipino women marry English men that's why and what does Beautiful women have anything to do with this? We're not coming to your country to hook up and pickup women, so that your country will be "more diverse". I know you're all gonna disagree and dislike this, but its true. and by the way I'm Filipino and I technically still voted for Philippines to be able to show my aspect on This country.

All I can say is, "LITERALLY IT'S MORE FUN IN THE Philippines". You know Why? Think about this, you are visiting a country composed of 7,107 islands and it is divided into different cultures with different languages. Every island or province has something to offer and you will definitely love it. Plus, Boracay is not the only spectacular beach in the country just so you know. Lastly, no need to budget your trip because everything is cheap. Explore and discover the hidden wonders of the Philippines with the hospitality of Filipinos.

You guys have no idea how much I love the Philippines! Great people, great food, great sights, everything is great! Even guys who are half Filipino are so good looking. I have this guy I like in school who is half Swedish and half Filipino. He is so nice and handsome! And if you are thinking that they might have trouble speaking English, you took it the wrong way! Although they are not fluent, most of them can speak it. You will love this country once you visit it!

Philippines gives you the nerves, tourist spots are gonna make your eyes bigger more than you can imagine. In addition to that, the people are very hospitable, they never treat their visitors like some sort of "unknown" but they are treated more likely a family. Food is always best in this country. That is why its slogan is "It's more fun in the Philippines" and I'm pretty sure that it is true based on what I have seen. This country deserves a big hand!

It is true that the Philippines is very beautiful. I am a Filipino but I didn't say that because I am but cause before I never wanted to be a Filipino. I always wanted to be an American or an Australian or British. Then I realized how truly beautiful and wonderful my country is. People here are very friendly and respectful.I love how people here are proud of this country no matter what people say. Now I realized that my country is truly beautiful!

Philippines is the best place here in Asia because it is where a lot of talented people came from. Nina Garcia came to the Philippines to find a talented designer in the fashion industry. There are also a lot of great singers here and in terms of sports Filipinos a re the best. If you want to spend your time here during Christmas season why not? You can come here because it is rare to find a country that is family oriented.

Philippines should be no. 1 because the people are so fluent at speaking English, the beaches are lovely and relaxing. They are so talented and I love their Halo-Halo and their adobo. Therefore it is very hot and humid but I prefer it to cold weather. Japan, China and South Korea is a tie for 2nd place but it gets way to cold. Also, India should be no. 3 because it is so crowded and its full of pollution so surely Philippines should be number 1 also, last thing I recommend Microtel Hotel Palawan because its on the beach and the beds are comfy, they have a really good swimming pool. My mum is a Filippina and the girls in Philippines are so hot! I am from England, but I recommend This country out of all the Places I've been to.

I believe this is the best place to visit due to the people, history, events, food, sports, culture, music, locations and spring break its also a unique asian country as it is the only Christian country in Asia and is probably similar to a latin country and it is better than India

This country is not just about certain areas or tourist spots but it's also about the very magnificent, resilient despite problems and the very welcoming people who share their blessings to every "kababayan" or foreign visitor. It's more fun in the Philippines with its diverse cultures, people, natural tourist spots and very inviting vibe. You should visit the Philippines, one of the best places in the world. Eat, Travel, Enjoy, Have Fun, Feel love, or be with your loved one.

Philippines has all the best in terms of tradition, culture, the beauty of nature and new discoveries. You can experience unique wonders of nature and meet the most hospitable persons in the whole world. Come and visit! It's more fun in the Philippines!

Philippines is the best country in asia because there's a lot of beautiful places. And the food are very delicious. There's a lot of hottest women and men in the Philippines. And if you visit there you will have so much fun because IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Many lovely places to visit. Boracay only for instance is one of the many that will definitely make you fall in love with its white sand. And its for you to find out the rest.. and I bet you, you will never regret visiting Philippines

The philippines must be the rank one because they are one off the most beautiful country in the world. The natural resources and nature views, fresh air, most beautiful sunset and sea shore, culture and history. I lived in the philippines for two decades and I witness its beauty and naturality. I love the philippines!

I think you just have to visit Philippines in order for you to know why this has been the number country you must visit..
I'll just gonna tell you that this country is absolutely incredible...

It's more fun in the Philippines because of their place and their are lots of hidden paradise... The people are very hospitable... They're always wear their smiles...

Here in The Philippines has a Positive and Negative for some reason.

There were probably 50% People are Kind and probably 50% Aren't so somehow you need to be careful who you met here.

In some places are Polluted mostly Manila City cause is Overpopulated, although there some cities aren't like from the city of Visayas and Mindanao are kinda ok, In Luzon I'm gonna say Baguio City and Other Cities and Provinces etc...

If you like to go to the Park well The Philippines has, I don't know how many, cause we Filipinos mostly go to
the Mall.

Most Beaches or probably all of them had White Sand.

There were probably 50% People spoke english and probably 50% Don't.

Here in The Philippines most cities had Strong Traffic cause of lack of Infrastructures when "Rodrigo Duterte" became President he talk about this and he gave a solution for it, to all Unfinished Structures from the last administration will continued and soon it will be finished.

This country is so underrated. It's actually a nice place, though I have to admit Manila can be a bit dangerous with crimes like robbery, snatching, kidnapping etc... If you're planning to visit PH just consider going to the provinces like beaches & islands in the Visayas up to the islands in Luzon... - KrisP

First of all this is such an bias survey. Obviously the Filipinos are voting for their own country.

In addiction the country is not number one as most nationalists in the Philippines think. For example the hospitality of the Japanese is famous. Respectful an nice. Also do the Filipinos really think their beaches are number one. Since they are very mistaken, beaches and the tropics in Okinawa, Pescadores, New Guinea is much better. The Philippine oceans are probably pollutes

Because I'm a Filipino. There are lot of places in the Philippines that are very great. So please come and visit our Country. It's more fun in the Philippines! Dude

Everywhere you go can see beautiful scenery anywhere... Fresh air wonderful landscape and most of all happy people...

I am from Philippines, and I am grateful to you for having chosen this country as one of your top countries to visit.

You'll have fun for sure... so many nice places to go to... Modern yet conservative... Sweet smile will welcome you... come and visit, see our hospitality...

No Way India is higher, Philippines is way better, India is a dirty crowded place, the people are pushy and there is more poverty than Philippines. India is the worst NO ONE LIKES POLLUTION! just saying Philippines has the most wonderful beaches and I love the chocolate hills!

Philippines has many beautyful island, beaches and friendly people, their look close to latin america their eyes, nose, skin color (mestiza (lighten skin) and very fluent in English language, some people can speak Spanish because of Spanish colonial

The Filipinos are very polite and they are very kind and helpful.

"ITS MORE FUN IN THE Philippines! "

Please. VOTE FOR Philippines