Top Ten Best Country Albums


The Top Ten

1 Timeless - Home Free


Wonderful music, wonderful harmonies, wonderful voices!

Home Free -Timeless is their very best album to date. They are the only singers I listen to. I love all their original songs and all the covers they do. I have never heard any group that has such flawless harmony. They are pitch perfect as they sing and it is very clear as a group, their individual personalities blend perfectly. Home Free puts so much passion and emotion into each song. The group as they are now, are together as they should be. They are the most talented, awesome incredible singers in the universe.

They are the best singers, song writers, and arrangers that have formed into an amazing group. The best blend of harmony of any group singing! Songs raise goosebumps and deep felt soul searching, and last but not least a humorous outlook on life.

2 Fearless - Taylor Swift

The best. I love her. SHe's so pretty

3 Speak Now - Taylor Swift
4 Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift
5 Country Evolution - Home Free

Love the original, "California Country," by high tenor, Austin Brown on this album. This is a fast-paced album, where every song has an amazing video counterpart, and, "Elvira" is a standout, featuring the Oak Ridge Boys. You can't beat that! Home Free actually infuses that song with their acappella goodness and the original artists are right there singing along with them in the video, having a good ole boy good time! I love it! Then there's the tale of the two fiddlers, Charlie Daniels and Taylor Davis, one singing and both lending their fiddling skills to the acappella Home Free Guys in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Amazing! You have to hear it to believe it! So good! This is a great album, but honestly, they haven't put out a bad album yet, so you will be amazed and entertained by their varied skills.

These guys are so amazing, I love this album. The songs go round and round in my head and I never get tired of listening. The harmonies are fantastic and each member of the band is truly blessed with a beautiful voice. Listening to them sing makes me happy. They are also wonderful to their fans. That's one more reason that we love them so much!

One of the GREATEST Albums EVER! I got hooked on HOME FREE from this album and their very 1st Album! These guys have the most beautiful and GREATEST harmonies EVER! Their written words are so self revealing about where their hearts and minds are its AMAZING! LOVE them so much!

All of the albums put out by Home Free are great! But in this one they asked their fans what songs we wanted them to include, So in addition to highlighting their musical talents, this album also shows the respect and love that Home Free has for their fans. Amazing men!

6 Red - Taylor Swift

! MY second favorite album of all time. SHould be number 2

7 The First Time - Kelsea Ballerini
8 Platinum - Miranda Lambert
9 Four the Record - Miranda Lambert
10 Storyteller - Carrie Underwood

The Contenders

11 Play On - Carrie Underwood
12 Come On Over - Shania Twain

I can't believe its not number 1 on this chart but I am happy its still close runner up anyways, because its packed full of some of the best catchiest country songs! SHANIA TWAIN your still the one

I LOVE ALL THE SONGS ON THIS ALBUM! A must buy for any fan of country music! The music videos really match the songs well. Shania Twain is a very talented woman. "That Don't Impress Me Much" and "Honey I'm Home" are my favorites!

NUMBER ONE come on I'm a guy and I think this deserves it all the way just from how musically arranged it is and the awesome melodies it has, shania is not called the queen of country pop for nothing you know. so...Start voting Shania Twain you wont be dissapointed

13 At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash

The only great one in the top 20

14 Lucky Old Sun - Kenny Chesney
15 Put The O Back In Country - Shooter Jennings
16 Woman In Me - Shania Twain
17 One Of The Fortunate Few - Delbert McClinton
18 Some Hearts - Carrie Underwood

How can you not love this album?

19 Breathe - Faith Hill
20 Not A Moment Too Soon - Tim Mcgraw
21 Little Bit Of Everything - Billy Currington
22 Trio - Dolly Parton
23 Up - Shania Twain

Definitely my favourite album in country pop, feel good tracks no wonder its SHANIA TWAIN

24 Do You Know - Jessica Simpson
25 Mud On the Tires - Brad Paisley
26 The Foundation - Zac Brown Band
27 Tailgates and Tanlines - Luke Bryan
28 No Fences - Garth Brooks

One of the top selling albums in history, on any chart!

29 Chief - Eric Church

So many hits!

30 American IV: The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
31 You Get What You Give - Zac Brown Band
32 Jekyll + Hyde - Zac Brown Band
33 Pass the Jar - Zac Brown Band
34 A.M. - Wilco
35 Being There - Wilco
36 Summerteeth - Wilco
37 Red Headed Stranger - Willie Nelson
38 Metamodern Sounds In Country Music - Sturgill Simpson
39 The Outlaws - The Outlaws
40 Desperado - Eagles
41 Old Boots, New Dirt - Jason Aldean
42 Night Train - Jason Aldean
43 Damn Country Music - Tim McGraw
44 Kill the Lights - Luke Bryan
45 Tangled Up - Thomas Rhett
46 Welcome to Carcass Cuntry - Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker of Carcass's country album.

47 The Story So Far - Keith Urban

This Is my Favorite Album. Ripcord is the 2nd.

48 Melt - Rascal Flatts
49 Pure Country - George Strait

One of my favorite albums

50 This One's For You - Luke Combs

This ones for you luke combs

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