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61 Sam Hunt

I agree that he is the current country singer to watch. His fan base is very broad as his popularity goes far beyond country music fans alone.

One day he will be at the top, u Mark my word, I bet every penny I own! One Day!

I love his song Break Up In a Small Town

What is he doing down here? he must be so high!

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62 Vince Gill

Going strong after 40 years singing, playing & writing. Still has the best voice of all of them!

I could listen to him every day. Great voice. The song go rest high on that mountian has /is being played or sung at many male funerals. Vince, how about some more new country songs. Don't retire from singing. Thanks again for the wonderful music.

He has the voice of an angel. His songs discribe things with such detail, power, and flavor. His instirmentation is so understated, yet so memorable with his piano driven, yet very diverse style. No one can beat a equal a Vince Gill song, except Reba, not sure who's better.

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63 Brooks & Dunn

The Greatest Duet ever in country music, Hank Bennett

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64 Chris Janson
65 Kenny Rogers Kenny Rogers

This list has no credibility if anyone thinks Kenny doesn't belong in the top ten. His song " Lucille" (which he released before the Gambler) brought millions of fans to country music. Thank goodness I was one of them. Kenny has crossed over many times into other genres which isn't that easy to do.

He's the only man who puts his mind and soul in the country music industry so does he deserve to on top period!

Kenny Rogers is the most talented country singer I have ever heard.

Kenney Rogers introduced me to country music since I was a teenager in my home countrry music. Back then I was just started learning English and found his songs and music fascinating and inspriring. I love country music because of Rogers. He should be in the top ten.

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66 Hayes Carll
67 Zac Brown

Extremely under rated to me. His songs are all written so well and the lyrics are relatable. I also personally believe that he has the best voice in country modern day. That is a personal opinion, but as for vocals I believe he is the best.

Zac Brown is the best of modern day country no one else writes lyrics like him

Zac brown band should be at the top not at #81


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68 Travis Tritt

The best ever

Beautiful deep, soulful voice ~ love his music

69 Gene Watson

Gene Watson is one of the best voices there is should be in country music hall of fame

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70 Florida Georgia Line
71 Martina McBride Martina McBride

Martina McBride has a lovely voice that inspires all. She was the one who inspired Carrie Underwood to sing and still has songs that are famous today. (Independence Day, etc. ) Her powerhouse voice is obvious, and I think that we should all give her some credit.

Are you kidding me? McBride is more talented than any of the people. Her vocal ability is unlike anyone in this genre. She has more soul, meaning, conviction, power, emotion, control and technique than anyone on this list.

Ridicules to put her as # 65. Independence Day alone puts her in the top 20. She's been around the business for many years and can still belt it out.

She should be in the top 20 overall and top five for females.

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72 Josh Turner

If you pay attention to the voice of the singer and not how many awards and number ones they got, it easy to say that josh turner has THE best voice ever

Love his voice, he's not fake and he's from South-Carolina. I struggle to find another country singer like him recently

He has such an amazing, deep unique voice and he is a true country singer.

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73 Vern Gosdin

Deserves to be quite a bit higher.

He sang country ballads like no other.

#2 Under only Ray Price.

The best of any

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74 Tracy Lawrence

Sang and wrote some of the best music ever recorded. Whoever compiled this list needs to listen to country music recorded before 2015.

One of the few newer country singers worth listening to

The fact that this man is not even on the list shows the ignorance of this list. Tracy was recording country during the hay days of Garth, Chesnutt, Clint Black, Joe Diffe, Chesney, Mcgraw. With the exception of Garth he had more hits and more sales. He is one of the most unique and best live voices of country I have ever heard. Nothing like Tracy unplugged

This man belongs in the top twenty.

75 Ronnie Milsap

People don't have any respect for old country music these days. Having all these new country artists ahead of Ronnie Milsap is actually comical! Imagine artists like Sam Hunt or Luke Bryan trying to belt out some Milsap ballads like "It Was Almost Like a Song" or "What a Difference You've Made In My Life". All I'm saying is there's more talent in a strand of Milsap's hair than these new "so called" country singers singing about partying and getting girls drunk. Makes me sick! :-P

Ronnie Milsap should be in the Top Ten, due to the fact that he's the THIRD artist with the most country hits, and mainly because he's gotta great voice.

Ronnie Milsap 4 President!

The Ray Charles of country music. How could a blind pianist be any cooler than Ronnie Milsap?

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76 Thomas Rhett Thomas Rhett

I love him he is so good, he has like country but hip hop kinda at the same time its awesome

I think Thomas Rhett should be #1!

T-shirt is so original, u can tell he loves his wife also

Love it

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77 Ralph Stanley

By far the best Country music singer ever, why do I have to add him on

One of the most unique voices I've ever heard, very good.

78 Chris LeDoux

The most real cowboy to ever live, he is real country, not like modern country singers that don't include steel or fiddle, rodeos, or cowboy hats in there music. Country used to have a warm cosy feel about it, now its very pop like. And Wyoming and Texas are better than Tennessee, js. Also why is Kenny Chesney so low down?

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79 Buck Owens

Very influential artist, not only to country but also to rock musicians. John Fogerty mentions him during Creedence Clearwater's "Looking Out My Back Door". Should be much higher.

He is an Old Country music Treasure

83 Buck owns maybe Hee Haw hurt his carear he played with all the Greats even Dean Martin he may just be a country boy but he was the ring leader when Glen Campbell was with the Beach Boys? First country Artist to Play Carnigie Hall?

80 Clint Black
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