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81 Thomas Rhett Thomas Rhett

I love him he is so good, he has like country but hip hop kinda at the same time its awesome

I think Thomas Rhett should be #1!

T-shirt is so original, u can tell he loves his wife also

Love it

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82 Buck Owens

Very influential artist, not only to country but also to rock musicians. John Fogerty mentions him during Creedence Clearwater's "Looking Out My Back Door". Should be much higher.

He is an Old Country music Treasure

83 Buck owns maybe Hee Haw hurt his carear he played with all the Greats even Dean Martin he may just be a country boy but he was the ring leader when Glen Campbell was with the Beach Boys? First country Artist to Play Carnigie Hall?

83 Clint Black
84 Guy Clark

Old No. 1 is number nine on my list, and that's not bad at all.

85 Ronnie Milsap

People don't have any respect for old country music these days. Having all these new country artists ahead of Ronnie Milsap is actually comical! Imagine artists like Sam Hunt or Luke Bryan trying to belt out some Milsap ballads like "It Was Almost Like a Song" or "What a Difference You've Made In My Life". All I'm saying is there's more talent in a strand of Milsap's hair than these new "so called" country singers singing about partying and getting girls drunk. Makes me sick! :-P

Ronnie Milsap should be in the Top Ten, due to the fact that he's the THIRD artist with the most country hits, and mainly because he's gotta great voice.

Ronnie Milsap 4 President!

Really Sam hunt is better then Ronnie milsap, your funny..., die Sam hunt

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86 Rascal Flatts

Gary LeVox is one of the most unique and refreshing voices to hit country music in generations. They/He are much more deserving of a much higher ranking.

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87 Trisha Yearwood Trisha Yearwood

Right. Omitting her was almost as bad as omitting Loretta. People sure have short memories.

Beautiful melodic voice with a string of hits to prove she belongs in the top20.

She is great and should have been mentioned in the beginning of this list.

She is an amazing artist. I think she should me number 8.

88 Ralph Stanley

By far the best Country music singer ever, why do I have to add him on

One of the most unique voices I've ever heard, very good.

89 Hank Snow

The man had a voice and was truly country. An entertainers entertainer.

Hank Snow needs to be higher on the list.

One of the greatest

90 Billy Currington

I love this guy, love done gone, people are crazy, why why why! All so good=D

This singer is okay mmy faviort country singer is jason aldean

91 Neil Young Neil Young Neil Percival Young is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, producer, director and screenwriter.

Neil is awesome. While certainly not pure country, there is an undeniable country influence in most of his songs.

I don't like country, but I love Neil Young

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92 Gary Allan

A unique voice filled with raw emotion.

Great voice...great songs!

Sings from the heart

93 Reba McEntire Reba McEntire Reba Nell McEntire is an American country music singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and television producer.

Mmm. Can we get someone who knows something about country music to re-do this list. To see her in concert in her hey - day was something to behold. She changed clothes about 20 times and every song was like a mini movie of each song she sang.

#38? Come on! We're talking about REBA! She needs to be top 10, like her or not, you can't discount her contribution to country music over the last 40 years!

Come on I think she should be a lot higher she has some real good songs and a very nice peron as well

The best role model for women in the country music world and more...

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94 Barbara Mandrell

She was a huge star in her time. She should be in top 20.

She has such a beautiful voice ~ just listen to her clear and one of a kind voice!

95 Jerry Reed

Both my dad and I just love his songs

96 Tanya Tucker Tanya Tucker Tanya Denise Tucker is an American female country music artist who had her first hit, "Delta Dawn", in 1972 at the age of 13. Over the succeeding decades, Tucker became one of the few child performers to mature into adulthood without losing her audience, and during the course of her career, she notched more.

You've got to be kidding! What are artists like Tanya and Loretta Lynn doing this far down?

Tanya Tucker should be in the top ten. Haven't you heard her songs?

97 Chris LeDoux

The most real cowboy to ever live, he is real country, not like modern country singers that don't include steel or fiddle, rodeos, or cowboy hats in there music. Country used to have a warm cosy feel about it, now its very pop like. And Wyoming and Texas are better than Tennessee, js. Also why is Kenny Chesney so low down?

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98 Johnny Lee

Urban Cowboy with Mickey Gilley and john Travolta

A very good country music vocal!

99 Johnny Rodriguez

One of the best male country vocalists of all time!

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100 C. W. McCall V 1 Comment
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