Top Ten Best Country Songs of All Time

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41 I'm Not that Way Anymore - Alabama
42 Coal Miner's Daughter - Loretta Lynn V 3 Comments
43 Here in the Real World - Alan Jackson V 1 Comment
44 Lonely Tonight - Blake Shelton
45 Where Corn Don't Grow - Travis Tritt
46 The Gambler - Kenny Rogers

This song is one of the best country songs I've ever heard. Kenny sounds very quite and the song sounds great, especially the guitar.

Undoubtedly a music legend and icon! One of the most recognizable songs in country music history for both young and old!

Kenny Rogers is great singer and this song is his best

Good song, but prefer Coward Of The County...!

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47 Little Toy Guns - Carrie Underwood
48 Blown Away - Carrie Underwood

Carrie really rocks that song! I've always knew she is an amazing vocalist.

This song is like life

This is a wonderful song Carrie knows hoe to sing! The music video is great


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49 Coat of Many Colors - Dolly Parton

This songis very underrated because it is full of emotions and many nostalgic references to the simple, innocent and optimistic past that people had years ago.

This song should so be higher up the list and more of Dolly's songs should be on this site E. G: Jolene, 9 to 5, Here You Come Again etc.

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50 I'm Alright - Kenny Loggins V 1 Comment
51 Just Gettin Started - Jason Aldean

I agree it is horrible. This is more like pop country.

Horrible. Fake country.

Why is this the highest Jason Aldean song?


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52 Crushing' It - Brad Paisley
53 Help Me Make It Through the Night - Kris Kristofferson

Love anything by Kris Kristofferson! Love his music!

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54 Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) - Alan Jackson

This song is wonderful but sad. It really shows what everybody was feeling in the days following 9/11 and even today after all of the terrorist attacks and school shootings going on across the country and around the world.

I love this song it should be number 1 it is a sad and good song and it was about a true thing. I was at school when this happened and it was a sad day

Because it shows American spirit and nothing beats that and it is a true representation of how Americans felt on that cold September day

Easily, along with "The Rising" by Springsteen, the best songs inspired by 9/11.

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55 (Ghost) Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash V 2 Comments
56 The Dukes of Hazzard Theme Song - Waylon Jennings V 1 Comment
57 Feels So Right - Alabama

Sexiest country song ever written.

58 Ain't No Grave - Johnny Cash
59 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way - Waylon Jennings

How are many of Waylon's great songs not in the top 25 with at least a couple in the top ten I mean there are 2 singers who changed country music forever and obviously they are #1 Waylon Jennings and #2 Hank Williams

Great song with an amazing person to sing it. Waylon Jennings is one of the reasons Old Country is still the best today.

What a great song to always remember. I sing it in my head some nights when I try to sleep. But I am older than most so it is fresh in my mind.

I mean I don't see how patsy cline song(s) is in the top 100 especially the top 20

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60 One Step Forward - Desert Rose Band
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