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81 Highwayman - The Highwaymen
82 Then - Brad Paisley

This should be in the top-ten or at least one of his songs should be. Brad Paisley is one of the best singers in country music. This is such a great song. Keep It up Brad!

This song is amazing. the lyrics have so much meaning. Brad Paisley rocks! -

83 Jesus, Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood

This song is amazing don't listen to the haters! This song is deep, inspiring, and so true!

No. The reason I don't listen to this song anymore, is because it has the wrong melody.

One of the best songs ever. Carrie can make any song be the best it can be

I admire her faith but she is exploitive and over-exposed.

84 Boys Round Here - Blake Shelton

This song is a modern country song, but it has the elements of a true, classic, and down-home country song.

85 Good Girl - Carrie Underwood

To me, this is more of a very bad song from Carrie Underwood. It shouldn't be for ANY teenage girl to listen to.

Don't listen to the haters girl, keep on going good girl!

86 Ours - Taylor Swift

Ours is my favourite song of Taylor Swift. Not an actual country spirit song but the lyrics are so for me. The stakes are high, the water's rough, but this love is ours!

Amazing song! Especially the line, " Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine."

Beautiful song... esp the lyrics "the stakes are high, the waters rough, but this love is Ours

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87 God, Your Mama, and Me - Florida Georgia Line Feat. Backstreet Boys
88 Cold as You - Taylor Swift

This is an amazing song.
The melody is limited but the lyrics are gems.

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89 Give Me Back My Hometown - Eric Church

Eric Church is THE BEST Country Music Artist right now!

All of Eric Churches songs are genius in my opinion!

90 Don't Cry Daddy - Elvis Presley
91 Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett

I can't believe Jimmy Buffett wasn't on here yet. If you don't like this song, you're not a true country music fan.

92 Buy Me a Boat - Chris Janson
93 Drink a Beer - Luke Bryan

This song was for his family members who have died! So the people commented below me should be sorry! He put all his feelings in this song and its PURE COUNTRY GOLD! So don't be haters PLEASE! Also it's better to keep smart comments off the internet and to YOURSELF! This is coming from a 12 year old by the way so lets be mature here...

This song is awful always playing on the radio annoys me so much...

Terrible song... Shouldn't be considered country

Wow ok this is coming from a 10 year old so lets see...#1 He needs to pick what type of songs he wants to write. #2 He needs to learn how to write BETTER songs because all of his songs SUCK. No offense writer down below.

Posted on 1/22/2016 7:21pm

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94 Convoy - C.W. McCall
95 Gonna Know We Were Here - Jason Aldean
96 Springsteen - Eric Church

Incredible! It goes to show that a 'melody sounds like a memory, like a sound track to a July Saturday night.' And anybody can. Relate to that, AnYbOdY!

Great song. Just shows how the Boss has affected all types of music.

I think this song is just absolutely genius

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97 Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Kinda mad this ain't in the top ten. Damn amazing singing and instrumentation.

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98 Red Solo Cup - Toby Keith


99 Ronan - Taylor Swift

Amazing song, it's for a boy who died of cancer. It makes me sad and I cried - iCanSeeYourPixels

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100 No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems - Kenny Chesney
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