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21 Finn x Fionna

It's the cutest couple ever. - AnonymousChick

I wish more people shipped Finn and Fionna, and Jake with Cake. They are perfect relationships.

Why #21? This should be #8


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22 Marshall Lee x Fionna

There made for each other like 100% they should kiss in the next episode with them and be together forever. Also I think that because I like Marshall lee so I'm gonna be Fionna for Halloween and my crush is gonna be Marshall lee


23 Marceline x Lumpy Space Princess

This is NOT a love couple, but it's more like BFFs.

24 Huntress Wizard x Finn

These two are really underrated (although that may be due to the show's unfortunate decline in viewership). While they are not together at the moment, they do have a lot of potential to be a strong couple. They handled their romance with impressive maturity, but still have obvious room to develop if they do decide to get together. I've also thought for a while that Finn needs a love interest who can match his passion for adventure.

I just want to see this now after Flute Spell.

They're awesome together

Come on, we knoe FPXFinn is impossible, its only her left!

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25 Lemongrab x Lemongrab 2

They would be perfect if they didn't eat each other

I vote it laugh out loud - CerealGuy

Voted this for the sake of boredom... And fun

World* ;-;

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26 Marceline X P.Gumball

Something about them reminds me of Fiyeraba...

If he were characterized more of a noble gentleman and less like an uptight priss, I could totally see them working out. Imagine the juxtaposition between PG and Ash: she dated a jerk and then fell for a prince. He would be too romantic and adorkable for her to hadle--- she would likely fall over laughing at his gestures but think of them as endearing.

It's like a genderbent Bubblee! This needs to be higher, I mean these 2 are so precious!

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27 Fionna x Flame Prince

If I like FinnFlame, Flinn, whatever you people call it, then this one's also one for me to like. I mean, how can you NOT like a pairing that's so cute! And... (GASP) They KISSED?! *faints from shock*

It's been confirmed. Flame Prince will appear in an episode and be played by Tobuscus!

Couple that needs to end up together and stay together! I hope they get engaged or married. Fingers crossed.

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28 Flame Princess x A Log of Wood

Ha ha! No seriously. Flame.P isn't really interested in boys.

29 Jake x Gunter V 2 Comments
30 Root Beer Guy x Cherry Cream Soda
31 Peppermint Butler x Death V 1 Comment
32 Jake x Cake

I kinda ship it LOL. At least as best friends.

I want them to meet! LOL. I ship them as best friends.

Jake and Cake would be an adorable couple, just like Lady Rainicorn and Lord Monochromin would be cute.

33 Flame Princess X Ice Queen

Opposites Attract! May be a crack pairing, but still the cutest.

34 Finn x Lumpy Space Princess (LSP)

Oh, the dirty jokes.

35 Flame Princess X Marshall Lee

This couple is life, if you ask me.

36 P. Bubblegum x Flame P.

Princess Bubblegum x Flame Princess.

Romantically? NO WAY! Finn loves both its clear and Finn is DESPERATELY trying to choose FP's side but Fubblegum keeps creeping up on him.
Friendship: YES! If PB's side was told they would actually gain this bond. They need the friendship, after all they both need the same guy and neither of them are 'Bad people'. I believe in the friendship of this.

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37 Flame Prince x Finn

First time I have ever heard of this... It sounds gross

38 Ice Queen x Princess Bubblegum

Less creepy than Princess Bubblegum/Ice King, because the Ice Queen isn't a creepy old man.

39 P.Bubblegum x P. Gumball

Oh gosh! I would LOVE to see them ruling the Candy Kingdom together. They'd be so good for each other! I love it!

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40 Pig x Tree Trunks

They're so illogical. They be like, Oh, it's wrong to share a house with someone you're not married to. LET'S MAKE OUT IN PUBLIC INSTEAD!

Most stable ship in a ocean of chaos. Deserves higher place

Why is this so low? Former star-crossed lovers :3

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