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61 Flame Princess X Flame Prince
62 Flame Princess X Prince Gumball
63 Flame Princess X Fionna
64 Flame Princess x Princess Bubblegum

I think this would make a cute love/hate relationship, and I ship it. I wish more people shipped Flame Princess with Princess Bubblegum.

65 Ice Queen x Prince Gumball V 1 Comment
66 Ice Queen X Flame Prince
67 Fionna x Ice Queen
68 Fionna x Princess Bubblegum
69 Susan Strong x Finn
70 Martin x Minerva
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3. Finn x Marceline
1. Finn x Flame Princess
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3. Fiona x Marshall Lee
1. Princess Bubblegum x Marshall Lee
2. Finn x P.Bubblegum
3. Simon Petrikov x Betty

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