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61 Ice Queen X Flame Prince
62 Fionna x Ice Queen
63 Fionna x Princess Bubblegum
64 Susan Strong x Finn
65 Martin x Minerva
66 P.Bubblegum x P. Gumball

Oh gosh! I would LOVE to see them ruling the Candy Kingdom together. They'd be so good for each other! I love it!

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67 Finn x Jake

The best cartoon couple since He-Man and Man-at-Arms.

I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE?! I know it's incest but lots of incest gets shipped. And this and gumwin are same level love.

I don't know why, but it is just so... I'm not sure what word to use... Hm. Cuhot. Cute/hot

68 Ice King x Princess Bubblegum

They aren't cute, Simon needs to be with Betty. - 05yusuf09

The sweetest and coolest ship. Totally my guilty pleasure.

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69 Pig x Tree Trunks

They're so illogical. They be like, Oh, it's wrong to share a house with someone you're not married to. LET'S MAKE OUT IN PUBLIC INSTEAD!

Most stable ship in a ocean of chaos. Deserves higher place

Why is this so low? Former star-crossed lovers :3

70 Finn x Beemo

They're BROS, not lovers.

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