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21 TaengSic
22 SunYeon

I DON'T ship them as lovers but as sisters. They are always so close and they are so alike in appearance, attitude. And when Taeyeon almost got kidnapped, she was the one who went to save her. I agree that she was the closest at that moment and that "the show must go on but its nice...

They are definitely the most adorable couple in SNSD.
They are always laughing together, and it seems that they are really close friends.

They are so funny and best relationship...

I ship them because they really look like sisters

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23 TaeYul

I really like Taeyeon and Yuri...

@My best frind.. That very funny, TaeYul.. Happy TY

I also love yultae they are top 3 in my list

The two cute soshis^^

24 TaeSeo

Because their our cute together maknae and leader
Their smart, Dorky, Cute and Funny

TaeSeo shipper

25 SooNa

SooNa is incredible. They act like best friends, or even sisters. Two choding shikshins, both with hearts of golds. Both great actresses, singers, and dancers. What's not to love about these two. Besides, they seem comfortable around each other. - SuperWiz

Sooyoung is most beautiful girl in snsd. Yoona too. As for me they are nice couple. isn't it

I will ship them till death. Gosh! I more love Soona than Yoonyul :<

Love their being Shikshins

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26 SooSeo

The tallest and my biasses

There are my bias

27 SunFany

They are so cute

Tiffany always get jealous to YOONA and when they are together they can't mind others and they are really adorable...
2ny is REAL...

Tippany shows her love the most to Sunny. Sunny is the same too :) The fun part is whenever Sunny didn't bother Tippany and talks to other girls, Tippany would get jealous :3

2ny is real

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28 SunHyon
29 SunSica

The first original couple in the video "Into The New World". Also the first member and the last member of the group. SunSica all the way!

Both lovely both cute who can't love this couple!

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30 HyoSica

They knew each other the longest :D
(Plus Sooyoung of course)

Although Jessica left Snsd in 2014 September, Hyoyeon and Jessica will never be forgotten. They helped each other to stand out, and Jessica helped Hyoyeon with her singing, and Hyoyeon helped Jessica with her dance moves. They help each other, that is what friends are for. Jessica and Hyoyeon were also put in the same group in the T.V. show Running Man for a reason.

Y'all bitches wish taeny was as iconic as hyosica

31 YoonYulSic

I love this family. I had hoped that YoonYulSic would be debuted after TaeTiSeo, but now it can't become true,... so sad

Royal Family and should be Girls Generation sub unit!

I don't know but I just love this family

32 HyoSeo

Their relationship has been growing over the past few years. They are so close to each other now and I'ts beautiful to witness that

They are the best couple seohyun and hyohyeon always support each other

Check out their instagram! All photos of each other. That proves that they are the best of friends^^

Their like sisters... I love them..

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33 SunRi
34 YoonSooSica

Both of them eat too much, haha, I think it is an interesting thing, it is so cute. Kawai

35 SunYoung
36 Sootae

Most underrated ship in all of SNSD!

They are 100% real!

Danshin and jangshin couple! They care for each other in their own way. They might barely interacted but from they way they look at each other is enough for me to ship them...

37 YoonHarem
38 SooWook
39 TaeNySic

I love their 'love affair' thingy, most of all when Tiffany and Jessica asked TaeYeon who she really loves.

40 YoonHyo

The most popular members internationally, along with Taeyeon!

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