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41 SeoYul

I love seoyul because they look alike... Love you SeoYul

42 HyoHyun

I actually think that this pair is the most genuine among other seohyun's pairings.. I totally love them together..

This can be like taeny yoonyul yulsic and other real-est couple of snsd

43 SunYoon
44 HyoTae

The most talented members of SNSD (Not saying that the other members do not have talents)

They effect SNSD the most, in a good way

I love you

45 TaeSica V 2 Comments
46 SunSicayoon
47 YoonYulSeo

They are like triplets. when yoonyulseo stick together

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48 HyoSun

They're very cute and they are such a cute couple and they are always together.

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49 YulTiSic

I love them together

50 YoonSun
51 SooYoonTiff
52 TaeTiseo V 1 Comment
53 SooSunHyo

This SooSunHyo have the Funniest group in Girls Generation

54 TaeSooNa

Very cool and beautiful
1 short and 2 higher
Very funny
They have same room before

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