Best Cover Songs by Metallica


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1 Whiskey in the Jar

This was the second metallica song I ever heard, love this song. - dragon13304

It's my fave Metallica tune and it makes me wanna dance!

2 Turn the Page

one of the best cover songs of all time...
definitely good as original

Amazing cover song. Metallica did it very well. - Userguy44

3 Astronomy

Metallica took a really good song and made it different. Its more like a metal song than the original that is always good, as opposed to the mysteriousness that is encoded into the original song. Only Metallica could have done it just right. Its impressive but The original will always be the best.

well done to metallica, its better than the original -

Very awesome cover! I like it more than the original. This is my favorite Metallica cover of all time! Am I Evil and Mercyful Fate should be higher on the list.

This, along with Turn The Page, are my favorite Metallica covers of all-time!

4 Stone Cold Crazy
5 Mercyful Fate

Garage Inc. And Death Magnetic were probably the only good albums after the Black Album.

6 Am I Evil?
7 When a Blind Man Cries
8 Breadfan
9 So What
10 Sabbra Cadabra

The Contenders

11 Ronnie Rising Medley
12 Die, Die My Darling
13 It's Electric
14 Remember Tomorrow
15 Loverman
16 Overkill
17 Damage Case
18 The Prince
19 The Small Hours

Amazing. Sounds very dark.

Evil and Metal!

20 Blitzkrieg
21 The Ecstasy of Gold

Metallica did cover this and plus they play it at the beginning of every live concert I think - christangrant

22 The Wait
23 Helpless
24 Killing Time
25 Free Speech for the Dumb
26 Tuesday's Gone
27 The More I See
28 Crash Course in Brain Surgery
29 Last Caress/Green Hell
30 Stone Dead Forever
31 Too Late Too Late
32 You Really Got Me

Yes this is a real cover - christangrant

33 53rd & 3rd

This is a ramones cover these are B Sides from St. Anger singles - christangrant

34 Commando
35 Cretin Hop
36 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
37 Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
38 We're a Happy Family
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1. Whiskey in the Jar
2. Turn the Page
3. Am I Evil?
1. Stone Cold Crazy
2. Breadfan
3. Am I Evil?
1. Astronomy
2. It's Electric
3. Mercyful Fate

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