Best The Cranberries Songs From the '90s


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1 Zombie

Best song in my opinion her voice dominated the whole song awesome song and her voice is just amazing

Their most successful single - Irina2932

The best song ever by them..
Ode To The Family is also good. But this song beats every other ^^ makes with one of top of that decade.

2 Animal Instinct

I adore this song - my favorite from this band - Irina2932

This song is the BEST!

3 Ode to My Family

One of the most beautiful songs I've heard - Irina2932

4 Promises
5 Ridiculous Thoughts

Great but very underrated - Irina2932

6 Dreams

This song is very dear to me. I wanted my first slow dance to be to this song, but to late now. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Very nice performance and the music is gorgeous - Irina2932

7 Just My Imagination
8 I Can't Be with You
9 Linger

Easily the best Cranberries song... Unbelievably lush... Sad and beautiful...

10 Hollywood
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1. Animal Instinct
2. Ode to My Family
3. Promises



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