Best Crash Bandicoot Character Looks

The Top Ten Best Crash Bandicoot Character Looks

1 Nina Cortex - Crash of the Titans

Nina In Crash Of The Titans Now Has A Punk Edge To Her Gothic Personality! She Looks Ugly In Her Previous Games! NinaAnd Coco Both Look More Like Early Teenagers (13/14)! I Like The Hair Too! I Also Like The School Girl Outfit It Suits Her Well!

2 Coco Bandicoot - Crash of the Titans Coco Bandicoot is a fictional character from the Crash Bandicoot series who first debuted in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back in 1997.

I Like The Hair And Head Shape, Plus The Clothes! Nina And Coco Both Look More Like Early Teenagers (13/14)! She Has More Of A Girlie Girl Look, It Suits Her!

3 Crash Bandicoot - Crash Twinsanity

All this Crash of the Titans stuff doesn't deserve to be in the top 100, let alone 10! It's good that some of the old school characters like Kong and Dingo in the top10 as well but lower down than Uka Uka's horrible re-design?! Nah!

4 Dr. Neo Cortex - Crash of the Titans

Cortex Has A Cool Growth Spurt And His Hair Is Purple Now!

5 N. Gin - Crash of the Titans

I Like The Purple Hair, Very Close To Neo's And Somewhat To Nina's!

6 Uka Uka - Crash of the Titans

He Looked Ugly Before This, But Now I Love The Red, Evil-Looking, Scary Face And The Bones!

7 Dingodile - Crash Bash
8 Koala Kong - Crash Bandicoot/Crash Bash
9 Aku Aku - Crash of the Titans
10 Neo Cortex - Crash of the Titans Dr. Neo Periwinkle Cortex is the main antagonist of the Crash Bandicoot game series who is depicted as a mad scientist who seeks world domination.

The Contenders

11 Dr. Nitrus Brio - Crash of the Titans
12 Koala Kong - Crash Bash
13 Dingdile - Crash Bash
14 Dr. Nitrus Brio - Mind Over Mutant
15 Dr. Nitrus Brio - Crash Twinsanity
16 Dr. Nefarious Tropy - Crash Twinsanity
17 Crash Bandicoot - Crash Bandicoot Warped
18 Tiny Tiger - Crash Bash
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