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The best blogs for learning about your credit, repairing your credit, and the credit repair industry.
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1 The Better Credit Blog

Posts are infrequent, but they are matter of fact and very informative. Unlike a lot of places that talk about credit repair in a high level, more theoretical fashion, The Better Credit Blog gives you actual things you can do and real world examples of things to watch out for. -

This is the ultimate blog for do-it-yourself credit repair. Ryan has taken information from all over the internet as well as explain his own story on credit repair and included it in his blog. Highly useful for those looking for improve their own credit.

This blog has a lot of great information about do it yourself credit repair. I definitely recommend that you check it out if you're planning on improving your own credit. Ryan is the man.

By following the advice found on this blog, my credit score has really turned around over the last six months. I often bring it up and give credit to it when I show my friends my new motorcycle.

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2 Sky Blue Credit Repair Blog Sky Blue Credit is a Boca Raton, Florida company that has offered credit repair and restoration services since 1989. The company operates nationally and is licensed and registered with the individual state Attorney General offices as required. more.

As would be expected from the blog of a credit repair company, there are a lot of posts talking about the importance of repairing your credit (which is not necessarily a bad thing), but there is also a lot of good tips and information about things you can do to improve your credit score on your own. Posts bear the Jim Kemish trademark of presenting information in a clear, easy to digest format which makes the blog more readable than some. -

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3 Mycreditgroup Blog

Has a lot of good information about your credit and finances in general. Also has a few off topic posts but they are all well written by MyCreditGroup owner Marc Chase and are very readable. -

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4 Ovation Credit Repair Blog Ovation Credit Services is an attorney founded credit repair company operating since 2004. The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. more.
5 Lexington Law Blog Lexington Law is a general service consumer advocacy law firm that provides credit repair services along with a full range of additional legal services. The firm is headquartered in North Salt Lake, Utah and has 25 attorneys practicing in states across the country. more.
6 Veracity Credit Consultants Blog
7 Pyramid Credit Repair A unique aspect of Pyramid’s business model is that the billing is month-to-month, so you’re never locked into a contract. Plus, the company promises your satisfaction, or your money back. more.

They have a great personalized service that is completely focused on you and around your goals.
Great service, and better people

Great blog and updates on current news and events that affect the general public

8 Blog We guarantee our clients that we can help and assist them in fixing their bad credit rating and history. Majority of our clients are all happy, amazed and satisfied with the quality of our credit repair services. We strive hard and work together to assure our clients that we can meet and go beyond their more.

A leading credit repair company, Creditmergency works with you to improve your FICO score and to make it easier for you to get the credit you need. Offering a free consultation and a free credit repair e-book for subscribers, they will provide you with the tools you need to see rapid results - sahelio

Excellent company


9 CreditCRM Blog
10 ECRA Blog
The Contenders
11 Build My Scores

They have a lot of good info on credit repair and companies too.

13 First American Credit Team
14 Financial CPR
15 CreditBrite provides consumers with do-it-yourself tutorials to improve credit or even establish credit, as well as information on loans and more.

16 United Credit Consultants Blog
17 Pyramid Credit Repair Blog

Probably the most informative.

18 Blog

AAA Credit Guide has been most helpful credit repair blog for me. They write about topics that I can actually take action on to repair my credit. I've learned a lot from them and have improved my credit scores by following their advice. - jennylynch

19 Prime Credit Advisors Blog

Great debt relief and management tips

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