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Companies or individuals that provide dispute outsourcing for professional credit repair companies.

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1 National Credit Alliance

We are a mortgage bank in Chicago very busy and have at least 300 declines a week, we started to do our own credit clean up and just could not keep up with the high demands so we tried the outsource and I can tell you this, thank god for NCA. The CFO Jeff Davis is very nice and knows what he is talking about, give him a call at 219-840-0610

NO ONE can touch National Credit Alliance, they are the best and I hope everyone see's this! Send your file there to them. Make that sale.

I was afraid to start in the business because all the bad reviews on credit repair, Frankie at NCA put the light on things I never knew existed, I now have over 1,000 clients and doing very well for my self, I get work over load and send work to NCA with fast results and pay pennies to get it done.

Thank you NCA, You have a honest forwarder for life.

They get the bad removed! VERY fast try to keep up if you can.

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2 Dispute Agent - The Credit Repair Office

Score is the only and best solution to my outsourcing needs for my business. They are part of my business and are always there when I need help with training or guidance to grow my business.

If you are looking for someone to relieve the weight from your shoulders with all the work that is done in the back end of credit repair. Score is what you need. I have using there service for more than 2 years and I would not trade them for any other company out there. They provided amazing results, customer service and guidance. Thank you Score keep it up.

Best company, hands down! Great support, great results, and very professional.

They care about getting you the best start

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I had another popular Credit Management System, I paid them over $3,000 to have a customer/ affiliate portal, what a mistake! I would call for support and ask them credit related questions, after all they where doing my processing. They would answer "we are not a credit repair company". After almost a year I decided to do business with Score. They are attentive, knowledgable about the credit repair business, and very professional. I only paid $499.00 and got everything I needed to not only run my business but a true solutions provider to help me drive my Business. My only regret is that I did not do this earlier. Thank you Score!

I have been in the business for over ten years and in the first few months using SCORE I have far exceeded my production due specifically to the service provided by SCORE. I am able to confidently focus on bringing in more business and close more loans for my Business Partners while I watch the the great results and the happy smiles of my clients who are getting fantastic results! It's all about the deletions and getting the score as high as possible and that's what we get day in and day out - and of course the transition is seamless and worry free... Thanks again guys for the great job!

Score was founded by the owner of one of the largest credit repair company's in the US. Based in Puerto Rico Score not only delivers consistent results for our customers clients but also provides consulting and mentor programs to help you build your business. Whether you have an Affiliate business model, online or auto dealership referral business the owners of Score has the background to help you succeed in business. has helped our home buyers reach their goals each month while we keep selling. It's a seamless process and they act as our employees not an outside agency. Great to work with them! One of the most respectful, humble, and honest companies I have worked with and I have outsourced a few different business segments in the past so am familiar with this and how most companies don't get it right. I would definitely recommend them.

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6 Credit Score Techs

The results we have received with Credit Score Techs is awesome. We are pleased to be working with these guys. They have truly done Kudos!

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It's the most affordable, transparent, and logical solution for outsourcing disputes in the entire industry. You can view all letters sent by's processing department, handle your own processing if you wish, and submit results directly via the system.

Not only do they have the most experienced staff they also have the #1 credit repair business software in the industry.

At an average $25 a round (30-45 days) with them disputing every negative item we ask them to it is pretty much a no brainer.

Great job!

Professional credit repair business software, business training, and dispute outsourcing. - billgluck

Why go anywhere else?

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8 Credit Repair VIP - Dispute Delegation

This company is a Godsend! Brian was recommended by the owner and my rep over at Credit Repair Cloud and he really came through. His attention to detail, industry knowledge, and unmatched experience made working with him and Credit Repair Cloud an easy choice.

God Bless Credit Repair VIP! When I contacted them asking them to ask for a referral to a company that could help with my credit they referred Dispute Delegation LLC... great company who didn't sugar coat or try to oversell me. They were patient, explained the entire process and charged me in arrears... thanks!

Easy to implement and they helped me find a great system - Credit Repair Cloud. Thanks Credit Repair VIP!

Love them and they helped me find a great system - Credit Repair Cloud. Thanks Credit Repair VIP!

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9 Dispute Processing LLC

Premiere Credit Solutions is a great company to work with for Credit Restoration! What PCS does is unlike the others because they really focus on the Clients individual goals and personal situation! PCS offers awesome informative and they are very professional! They will even keep helping you after the job is done. The services range from Credit Restoration by improving your FICO to New Credit by building Credit History to Business Credit by getting your Business on the map and they also do Mortgage Loans. You should really consider working with PCS if you need serious Credit Repair help.

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11 Creditmergency Creditmergency We guarantee our clients that we can help and assist them in fixing their bad credit rating and history. Majority of our clients are all happy, amazed and satisfied with the quality of our credit repair services. We strive hard and work together to assure our clients that we can meet and go beyond their more.

One of the leading credit repair agencies in the industry. They take a more personalized approach than the rest to fix erroneous errors on your credit report. They offer a credit repair ebook that is free, and every client who is enrolled is automatically entered into the credit repair academ.y

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