We have been working with Score for over a year. Score is more than just an outsourcing company as they provide much insight and knowledge on how to make your business run more efficiently.

If you are just looking for someone to send out letters, many companies are available. However, if you are wanting a company that operates like they are part of your team by providing better solutions, better communication and the true desire for you to be successful, then I find on one better than Scoreinc. Joel and Joshua congrats for being nominated and to having a great responsive and reliable staff.

Just really started in the business. After about 3 months of getting no real answers to my questions, I was introduced to Joshua at Score and he has been God sent. I almost was getting ready to quit the business before I started because my belief is that if I can't do it right, I don't even want to start. The approach that Joshua has taken with me has been very helpful and I know that in no time, my business will be flourishing thanks to Joshua, Jasmine and the rest of the gang at score. Keep it up.
Doug, Qwest Credit Solutions, Inc.

I have been working with Score for many years now. To be honest I wouldn't change this company for anything in the WORLD! They have provided the best customer services. Not just the customer service is great, but the results my clients are getting are excellent. Joshua has guided me, and with his knowledge I have grown my business. Thank you Score.

Joshua and Joel, you guys do a great job at leading the pack! You show the path to a great and successful career in the credit repair industry. It makes sense to see why you made the top 10. Love the business relationship and I love the transparency about your business practices. Almost always, the dispute results are outstanding 1st Round KO! Thanks for all of your help.

Score Truly cares about our company, they are true partners. They only charge us when we generate revenue. In the past, the other companies we outsourced to, charged us upfront for everything. It is great to work with a company that has skin in the game; if my company performs poorly they do not generate revenue. That's the type of partner / Outsourcer I want!

I started using Score for outsourcing about 2 years ago. It has always run smoothly with consistent results. Their business structure is aligned with my success. They only make money if I make money. I must admit That Josh and Joel have become business mentors to me. I trip out on them. What could a Latino and a white guy from Alabama possibly have in common? They are both genuine businessmen with a dynamic outlook, and an honest urge to help others succeed. Both err on the side of, over-helping you than under-helping. I really learn a lot from them. I personally vouch that they go out of their way to do the small things as well. Even if my business outgrows the need for outsourcing someday, I see myself staying with Score permanently. They are definitely the true leaders in this industry. They are much more than outsourcing. I also highly appreciate the fact that they are not high-caliber 'salespeople' to me, which there is a lot of in this industry.

I had issues with another software provider after many years of service. The companies owner died and their support and software servicing has been terrible ever since. It took me a while to research and do business with Score. But after being on their platform for over six months now, I regret not having done this years ago the service is outstanding. The coaching is given by experienced credit repair professionals. Thank you Score!

The ScoreWay Solution that I got to see today, is the complete package of what I need to turn my business around. Joshua, Joel, and their team, not just gave me great service, but above all invaluable information that I didn't know to run my business. And I'm not their customer yet. I just can't imagine the amount of coaching that I'm going to receive from tomorrow on. Keep Up the great work. I highly recommend

I definitely recommend SCORE 100%. I have worked with them for a couple of years now and they are always available if I need to ask a question and the results we get a great, they make my business run very smoothly and with their guidance and coaching my business is growing very nicely. Thank you SCORE - you guys are awesome!

Score has helped me to gain control of my business, focus on what is important and to make more money than I have ever made before in this industry. I really appreciate the dedicated effort of the entire team. I recommend Score to anyone that is serious about succeeding in the credit repair business.

Scoreinc They are the best team to work with, We've been working them for about 1 year, they give us excellent results and these company has a system and our sales increased a lot after working with scoreinc

There is one undisputed innovator if you want real results real fast and that company is SCORE. They are only good at helping you maintain profitability while delivering a consistent deliverable. In addition they are seasoned business professionals that understand exactly what intakes to start, build and grow a sustainable business. Joel and Joshua you guys rock!

I just recently started with Score and I cannot say enough good things about Joshua (one of the co-founders), is amazing and the company is superb. I would highly recommend Score to any Credit Repair Company that is looking for a fantastic company that deals with everything from A to Z.

Charles Parker
Credit Repair Consultant's

Score is great. They have helped me to grow my business. I really appreciate all of the expert advice that I receive, and the personal attention to detail.

I recommend Score to everyone in the credit repair business.

WOW! Nows what they are talking about! The have helped me understand compliance, build a profitable strategy, mentored me on sales calls, helped me with my website (That converts), manage my processing, and mentor me through the process. this hands on approach is spectacular! Score sells a real solution not just software. Thank you! - jcarmona9

Working with SCORE is like having them in the office at the desk right next to me. Great communication and assistance in trying to achieve the business goals that continuously get set higher and higher.

Working with Score has helped me grow my business. They provided me with consultation on how to make my business easier to run. And the quality of work delivered is amazing. Amazing results everyday.

Hands down! This is the best system on the market! You will not find a better outsourcing system on the market better then score! I have jump started my company and still growing, all thanks to score.

I just wanted to say that Score Inc is the best outsourcing provider that we have seen ever. The amount of work that is done on a daily basis to ensure strong results is unbelievable!

Excellence Service. Great Software. Great Partner. We are really Happy with I endorse Score 100%!

These guys are the best. They do it right every time. Very thorough and complete. They keep you in the mix so you know whats going on and the results speak for themselves. Thanks.

With the ScoreWay Credit Repair Business Solution we not only get the best disputes in the industry, but their coaching calls are great! They have help us drive your business dramatically. Oh! And we pay no monthly software fees Thank you Score your the best.

I can't say enough. As a new credit repair company I needed a lot of direction. Both Joshua and Joel helped me to get started and now I have a succesuful business that is paying the bills. Looking forward to the next level. Thanks Score

I wish I had started using Score years ago. Now with a great software platform too, they are unstoppable. I can recommend them to everyone in the credit repair business, large or small. It's pretty much a no brainer.

Love Score Inc
They offer services either I do not want to or I do not have soft ware for. Great mentor as well!