Best Creed Songs of All Time

Since Creed is an awesome band I made a list. Creed is so awesome it's hard to pick a number 1!

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1 One Last Breath

Best song ever, and very nice guitar to... I can't stop playing it... In acoustic or in electric guitar this song is really good in any type of guitar.. Yeah although its a little hard to play

Great Song! Great Lyrics! Meaningful Song, deserves #1 Spot!
Perhaps one of the best songs by creed...
What Great Lyrics man, simply awesome!
I listen to it everyday and enjoy doing so!
I have listened to it for 2 years, and still I Haven't got tired of it.
This one's a must for everyone...
Amazing song, and I Love the vocalist's voice when he says"Hold me now, I'm 6 feet from the edge". The feel in his voice has brought the song to life... And not to forget to mention that the Guitarist did a great job...!
All Hail CREED!

one of the best songs by creed... deserves the no.1 position... I wonder why hide is not there in the list

Loving it

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2 My Sacrifice

It's the saddest song ever but so great the guitar makes me almost cry I love this song.

Gorgeous. Actually, "One Last Breath" is my favorite, but "My Sacrifice" is second only to that song, in my opinion.

I think this song is imortality for me...

I think this should be number one. it's my most favorite song of all music and when ever I go to a party or wedding or something like that and somebody requests Creed to be played, it's always this one that they choose. SO "MY SACRIFICE" TO ME WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE!

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3 With Arms Wide Open

this song is very personal to this band and especially scott stapp he wrote this song for his 1st son jagger, then after creed split up and mark, brian, scott formed alter bridge, mark had 2 boys and scott had 2 daughters. Then when creed got back together this song ment a lot to all of them cause it had a meaning for the whole band, this is a song that they will never be tired of playing every night they are on tour. The one thing I love about this song is the lyrics and the guitar. Mark Tremonti was good when he was with creed and sounded good but when he went to alter bridge he got so much better as a guitarist, he is by far the best guitarist if not one of the best guitarist out there, he was great with alter bridge and when I heard him with creed on their reunion tour in summer of 2009. he was amazing and not to mention, this song was by far the best song he played on that tour, I watched the first time that creed played this song in June of 1998, he sounded good, mark came a ...more

Absolutely incredible song! Beautiful lyrics and powerful moving meaning. One of their best!

A father son thing. When you have a son put this on and you will see. - Mike250

Powerful, I'm moved each time I listen to this song. Words really can't express my deep feelings, this has the deepest mean. Thank-you. Brandie

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4 Higher

Very great guitar riffs and vocals. This should be no. 1, it's a great hit and an instant classic.

never get tired of playing it

This was the first Creed song I heard. Now this song left an everlasting impression upon me. I learnt more about the band, heard all their other songs which of course all were great. But I would always be thankful to this wonderful song which introduced me to Creed. This song rocks.

Empowering song, it's what keeps me going when it seems hard to stay motivated

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5 My Own Prison

This song is one of my favorite songs of all time.

This song is by far the best creed's song for me. Can't get stronger and better lyrics and music. Definitely deserves better ranking.

This song portrays a lot of things that make you sit back take the time to think about yourself in your life

Great song

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6 Torn

One of Creeds best in my opinion. It is very awesome and the singing is great. I almost reminds me of a Pearl Jam song but not so played out.

Should be a top 5!

Definitely my favourite Creed song, has a Pearl Jam sound to it!

My favourite Creed song by far!

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7 Rain

This song has so much meaning and it is so optimistic - this is a rarity in today's music and is what makes Rain so unique.

Its one of the best songs I heard of creed after one last breath, heard my sacrifice and higher but this is much better than those two and deserves a top 3 ranking

This was the first Creed song that I ever heard (actually I saw the Music Video). I was immediately captivated by the soulful singing and the excellent guitar. Ever since then, Creed has become one of my solid "go to's" when I need to hear good music again. It is hard to find music at this level both lyrically and musically these days.

It should be in top 3

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8 Bullets

Awesome song. Such intensity and power. I'm just addicted to the intro. Totally deserves to be higher than 9th.

Definitely deserves a place higher than this spot! One of the best the band has got...

Best guitar, best intro, a deep, powerful meaning, and all in under 4 minutes. Definitely deserving of at least a No. 7 spot, I'd say (the current top 6 is pretty accurate).

I love this song. It's heavy for Creed and features great vocals and guitar.

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9 What If

This Song is Awesome. If you saw Creed play it in concert, you'd know why it is so good. The lead singer really gets into the song. Should be higher up.

Creed is an AWESOME band and this is by far their best song. The music video was sick too. - fireinside96

Higher and With Arms Wide Open were what made me buy the album, this song was what made Creed one of my favorite bands of all time. Will be my number 1 for Creed forever most likely.

This is one of my favorite songs

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10 On My Sleeve

In my opinion, this song is one of the best songs on the album. It reminds me of their older songs, like Higher and One Last Breath. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll see just how deep they are. Just the opening line "The eyes around me are so cold, with every chance they steal my soul, " sends chills down my body every time. This would definitely be on my top 5.

This song tell about emotion and by say your heart is on your sleeve, your saying you openly express them, and it is just a-mazing.

Great song and I like it!

Should be in top 5 without a doubt

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? I'm Eighteen
? Bound and Tied

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11 Are You Ready?

Really underrated, with great guitar and so many good tunes packed into it. This is better than Rain, so hear it.

12 Overcome

This was the the the song that got me into Creed and even after listen to their other songs, they just aren't as good as this. Defiantly should be number 1 or at least in the top 5.

This was the bands first single from their most recent album "Full Circle". It's a great song and should be in the top 5

This songs's awesome! It should be in top 2 actully! Awesome riff in the guitar... Great chorus!

This is there best song, it should be in the top 5

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13 A Thousand Faces

Definitely worth a higher ranking on the list... Awesome lyrics adds on to the nice guitar work..

This 1 is also gud... listen 2 it... from full circle! - saransharora96

Should be on top 10 list

Such a awesome song from the full circle album..creed much better than what credit they get

14 Beautiful

All the songs are very awesome, but I think that this song is probably their best. In case you didn't know in this song scott stapp is basically talking about betrayal. When he says, "She wears a coat of color, " that's the beautiful outside of her, its her skin, its the temptation, but on the inside is betrayal, lies, and evil. She's "Loved by some feared by others, " meaning that the ones who are being tricked or have fallen under her "spell" think they love her, but the ones who see the real her, they fear her. "She's immortalized in a young man's eyes, " meaning how easy it is for a man to be tempted just by looking at her. Then when it say "So close your eyes, here's your surprise, " stapp is saying that by taking away all her good looks and closing your eyes, the surprise is what you realize is underneath this beauty. Its empty, yet free, but loves no one. By saying "Beautiful stripped me, " he's saying how shes ...more - Okami

15 Faceless Man

I love this song this song deserves much higher ranking in this list. Great lyrics, great guitar rifts, I don't have words I loved creed after listening to this song

Amazing song specially half way through

Awesome! Absolutely awesome!

Definitely one of the masterpiece created by creed. just listen it...

16 One

Should at least be top five, really good song - wolphert

It has the Pearl Jam vocals but it's still awesome - Sabbath

Seriously? Listen to this message.

How is this not top ten at least <_<

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17 Ode

The guitar is great and Stapp just has a way with heavy metal melody.

18 Weathered

In my opinion, this is creed's best song by far. It's too bad Scott Phillips didn't play on it. But they still did an awesome job. My #1 pick anyway. Wish it was further up on the list.

Great song, love the vocals as well as the guitar and the lyrics. I especially love the part of the song directly before "I live to fight".

19 What's This Life For

Such a Beautiful song, Really soft Melodic verses, Followed by the awesome chorus with the Amazing backing vocals to really pack the Punch

This is one of Creed's more underrated songs in my opinion. A powerful chorus with amazing vocals. For me it's number 2 on the list before One Last Breath.

Should be #1.. I cry when listening to this song

20 Full Circle

One of the best songs ever made from them. Should be on top 5 for sure.

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