Worst Types of People on the Internet EP-16 Season Finale

Thank you for tagging along with me in this autistic journey that probably gave you cancer and herpes. Guys, this season was just the tip of the Iceburg, there's more to come. I covered some major ones like Twelvies and Weaboos. But there's other major ones that have yet to come out. Now the horrible, autistic, cancerous fan base today? No not Bronies, but Creepypasta fan girls.

There's 2 different Creepypasta fans. I don't mind me some Creepypasta myself either but anyways, here are the 2 different types.

Normal fanboys/fangirls: People who enjoy reading Creepypastas. Don't force Creepypastas down anyone's throat and respect everyone's opinion on favorite Creepypastas. (Rare)

Autistic fanboys/fangirls: People who hate every Creepypasta except for Jeff the Killer. Writes and draws fan art on DevianArt. Writes horrible fan fictions about being in a sexual relationship with Jeff the Killer. Gets butthurt easily. Hates good Creepypastas like Russian Sleep Experiment. Forces Jeff the Killer in everyone's throat. (Most common)

Now, they ruin some of the best Creepypastas. Take Jeff the Killer for example. Before the fangirls, the story was pretty creepy and somewhat original. The picture was nicely photoshopped. Then the fangirls came. They made Jeff the Killer a Sex Symbol like Marilyn Monroe. They write god awful fan fictions that'll make even the most autistic of people on the Internet will cringe. Trust me, if you can get a guy who watches Hentai all day to cringe, you got something with the power that's equivalent of the atom bomb. You would become Death, Destroyer of Worlds (can you catch the WW2 refrence?).

What's really scary is that these people are widespread. They ruin other great Creepypastas like BEN Drowned, Slenderman, and even the goddamned Russian Sleep Experiment! You're an advanced kind of autism if you ruin the Russian Sleep Experiment! They even make Mary Sues! These things must be stopped. There needs to be a removal unit like the Kebab Removal Unit that specializes in removing Weaboos, Jeff and other ruined Creepypasta fangirls, and FNAF Fans. Sterilizing them won't do good cause we all know they're virgins.

I dunno what to do with them. I researched them in the Skeleton labs but nothing seems to work. There's a chance that telling them to grow up or just stop making Creepypastas will work. For now, we just have to ignore them and they might die down. Or we can just kill them all! No? Ok... Maybe they'll just roam around and they'll die out. They seem that they're on a decline so that's a start.

Anyways I'm glad that all who participated in this cancerous journey. We'll be on the road again on the 1st Wednesday of Febuary. The break won't be long. I'll still post other posts and maybe follow ups to some. But don't worry, you can wait. Anyways also suggest some people to cover on in the comments. Stay tuned to Season 2!!!


Yep - bobbythebrony

I am not a creepy pasta reader, but I did read BEN Drowned because I am a Zelda fan,
and liked it, but you are telling me they RUINED IT!
I agree with you about the second type of creepy pasta fans being terrible!
Burn them from the inside out!
Burn! Burn them all!
I am ready for season 2.
Please do pervs next! - Skullkid755

Yes, there's fan art of BEN that portrays him as a cute entity - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Good series - Therandom

Thanks, hope you didn't get cancer from reading these - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Creepypasta fangirls. Kill them with fire. - RiverClanRocks

You know, every fanbase makes whatever it's about look bad. I wouldn't call Pokemon fans flawless either. And just so we show I'm not biased, Mario fans aren't flawless either.

Chill, dude. I just meant the insane ones who ship themselves with serial killers. - RiverClanRocks

Yeah why would random girls ship themselves with me? BA DUM CHHH! - bobbythebrony

So I need to be a serial killer to get fangirls? No, there's probably other ways... - Garythesnail

Like being a rapist, ghost, or mythical entity! No? Okay... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Guys the return was moved to the middle of Febuary and will now be on Saturday's. No more Wednesdays - SirSkeletorThe3rd