WonkeyDude98 (Mini) Analysis: Squidward's Suicide

I'm not the kind of guy that goes into very violent things, excluding Eminem's "Kim", and that's because of it landing pretty high of my Worst Eminem Songs list. This, however, just stuck out like a needle in my side. This little thorn destroyed any chances I may have had at a peaceful childhood. I wish a slow, painful death on the creator. 2012 was a terrible year for Nickelodeon because of him.

I'm going to go into as little detail as possible, because I want my series to be as kid-friendly as possible. As for you masochistic viewers who like shocking things, to be as nice as possible, you are the exact opposite of my audience.

SS is the single most horrifying creepypasta and the most horrifying piece of media since The Exorcist or The Human Centipede...for all the wrong reasons. It's not like The Exorcist where it's super chilling or anything, but it tries waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard to shock. There are several filler elements purely made to shock, and have no focus on the plot. Pictures of disemboweled children with no police investigation? Check. Horrifying soundtrack and sound effects? Check. Cliche "DO IIIIIT"? Check.

This, as the title explains, is about Squidward finally succumbing to the torture that is his life and committing suicide in the goriest and most cliche way possible; an eye opening with a knife. Emo much? I mean, Squidward does constantly complain about his life, but even he wouldn't go to this extreme!

The worst part of this is the legacy it left following it. Not only are you unable to watch SpongeBob the same again, this was also an influence for an episode in the actual series! The episode is called Are You Happy Now. This was already one of the worst SpongeBob episodes without it, but then Squidward decides to toy around with a noose hook. Subtle, Nickelodeon, subtle!

I hate this so much. I...just can't find the words to describe it. Not only did it kill my love of SpongeBob by age nine, it also caused me to require a lamp just to sleep at night, just by reading half of a description and looking at a picture, and no audio or video shown in front on me. I really hope none of you have to suffer the same thing I did. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


I remember reading the story - bobbythebrony

I watched it a while back. Couldn't sleep for a whole week. - CRB88

Same here. - WonkeyDude98

Just looking at the image of Squidward's bloodshot eyes on the SpongeBob wiki scarred me. I'm lucky I was able to sleep through the whole night. Probably because I was too scared to look at the actual creepypasta. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm glad I have never seen this. - Skullkid755

I've seen the leaked footage. Suicide Mouse's footage is scarier. Gave me bedtime fears. - Hotheart123

I looked at the picture and every time I hear a noise at a night, I picked up whatever I can and sneak out. Don't care if my parents are still awake (well duh, sometimes it's 7 pm) Hell I take a pocket knife with me to the basement, the computer's down there. - Ultron123