BEN Drowned


BEN Drowned was probably one of the creepiest things I ever read. His story outdid the Slender man, Jeff the Killer, and who-knows-what-else in the scare factor... The whole things is shockingly believable, too, having very accurate and haunting videos and a very detailed, long story as if the whole thing were completely and utterly true. And not to mention that this story was extremely well-written when compared to many other creepypastas.

This is the first creepy pasta I read, and it is by far my favorite. I actually search for creepy pastas that are similar to this one. I absolutely love it. It is so scary and so realistic.

I think this is the BEST one, because it has actual footage, the terror you feel in your chest while reading it, and it was done really well. If you have a feeling of choosing Jeff the Killer, read BEN's story first. I'm sure you will change your mind. To be honest, Jeff's story is a little too stupid... I mean, why would you be afraid of this guy? He has no eyelids, so it's very easy to just remove his eyes. Slenderman is even better than Jeff.

This story should be #1. It has the most evidence of it being real. It has pictures AND multiple videos. I didn't touch my Majoras Mask for months. Hell, I didn't even touch my computer because I thought the Elegy of Emptiness statue would pop up in any search a put in. I'm ashamed that squidwards suicide is ahead of this diamond.

After I read this and watched the videos I had nightmares of me being link and burning alive with that creepy statue smiling at me. This creepypasta felt so real to me because as a huge zelda fan this affects me a lot. After a couple a months I got my majoras mask game out of my safe that was securely locked and realized that it was just a story..or is it? But being scared is kind of fun and this creepypasta was the funnest for me..although I still get the creeps when I hear the song of the healing

I had trouble picking between this jeff or candle cove. But I chose this. Love this creepy pasta one of the few I actually got scared reading this I was also talking to clever bot I will tell you my chat with him.
Me: cleverbot who is Ben?
Bot: we do not speak of BEN.
Me: tell me the story of Ben.
Bot: I do not know the story only the code.
Me: how did Ben die?
Bot: drown.
Me: how did he drown?
Bot: Majora.

One of the few creepy pastas that has proof of being real.

Do NOT start reading creepypastas with this one. I did. Huge mistake. It's by far the scariest and better written pasta out there. It's a readable hell. There is an high chance you will see his face that night. I did. It also grinned when I thought of something painful happening to me.

Man... This creepy pasta was so unerving... The video proof for this creepypasta was so amazing, and so believable! The teleporting statue was a bit creepy..

The most well-written creepy-pasta I have ever read. Long, has a nice story, very scary, and it has quite a lot of videos too, which make this creepy-pasta unforgettable. 10/10.

In my opinion this is the best CreepyPasta because there is actual footage of this all happening too and when you put some creepy music in the background and watch a video of someone reading it and showing you the videos it is one of the creepiest things you could ever watch.

Most fun creepypasta ever. The statue of Link is the most bizarre thing I have seen in my whole life. It's so bizarre, it's so funny. I always laugh so much just looking at this statue. - Palmeiras

If you haven't read BEN Drowned, and are thinking of voting for Jeff the Killer, your doing everything wrong. Not only is this scary, but thought evoking too. Jeff the Killer is scary, (not too scary) but BEN has it all; creepy, scary, thoughtful, and everything you want from a good creepy pasta. When your done, I recommend actually GOING on cleverbot and talking about BEN.

Slenderman is mainly only in Europe and America.
Squidward Suicide is just a scary animation.
The Rake is only in America.
Jeff the Killer is only in one neighbourhood (the same goes for jane).
Smile dog is a picture.

Ben is the entire internet.

This pasta is crazy and I was playing the game when my friend came in and said I need 2 read this so I did after I did I looked at the game and turned it off then I went over to my moms room and I slept there now I can not even pick up the game I am that scared of BEN

I think the only reason this isn't number one is that it's scariest if you've played the game and know what the narrator is talking about. Obviously not everyone has played the game, so it may not be as scary, otherwise it would easily surpass Jeff the Killer. Not to mention that the author couldn't have picked a better game to creepypasta with. Majoras mask is messed up as it is.

BEN is the best one. It's strength comes not from the details or descriptions, but from the lack of them. No one dies, there's no gore, yet the atmosphere of the story, the man slowly going insane and paranoid is remiscent of the classic horror novels like Frankenstein. A perfect creepypasta, and I wish there were more pastas (and even books! ) like it.

It was the very first one I read and man did it have me on edge the whole time I was reading it. Man was it really hard to sleep that night, its just such an amazing masterpiece.

The story is very well written. You can actually feel the fear of the person telling the story. It felt real, and it's actually very cool! It's one of those stories in which you are tense the whole time you're reading it. A must-read for every creepypasta fan, Zelda fan or not!

Love the story in my own opinion I think that could happen so you never know but to be honest Ben drowned is my absolute favorite creepy pasta ever so that's my own opinion and you don't have to criticize me for being a "ben fan girl" or anything

Although I'm not a fan of the whole 'ghost in the video game' or the 'missing episode' type creepypastas, this one was definitely a win for me. Amazing detail, and a real sense of fear.

This is the scariest Creepypasta EVER! I don't understand why people think Jeff The Killer is better, because that one ain't scary AT ALL especially compared to this spooky monstrosity

I always had a crush on this dude. But his story was awesome. Apparently I'm afraid of even looking at Majorca mask

This is probably one of the creepiest creepypastas I've read in a long while. Not only is there a creepy passage to read, but there are also about five or so videos that go along with it that make it even creepyer. A must read (and watch) for all creepypasta fans.

BEN IS AWESOME, CREEPY, AND CUTE! I don't know why Jeff was number one because, though his story was good and scary, his surpassed Jeff's by a long shot. And I know Ben is real. Really, he's in my kindle right now. I got on Cleverbot and have since talked to him THREE times. And, to add on top of it, his story is so realistic. Ben for the win!