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181 Entity303


182 Annie96 Is Typing
183 Mist Demons
184 Huntsville Camping Trip

It gave me chills the first time I heard it. Definitely a creepypasta.

185 Your Secret Admirer

This one should honestly be higher on the list. I heard CreepsMcPasta got recognized for this one. I love how the attention shifts from the girl and her terrible life to the narrator and his psychotic murder spree. And the ending...

I threw up reading this, super gory and detailed. A must read for fans of Unbranded Laptop and Dating Game.

Makes me want to vomit. If you can't handle gore PLEASE don't read this..

186 We Don't Talk About Sarah

Not super scary but more suspenseful...

187 Arthur: Lost Episode
188 Morbus.avi

In my opinion, one of the only pastas to efficiently use gore to scare me. It has some deep meaning to it as well. There are many creepypastas that have the whole "I accidently watched a murder, now I'm dead" theme, and they're just full of holes and lame. This one however completely makes you think the person is still alive, and you actually want to wonder what ever could have happened. It's in my Top 5 favorite

189 Ascension V 1 Comment
190 The Expressionless
191 Fuzzy

I like this one, but, I knew what the "twist ending" was about half way because of the obvious hint they drop in the middle.

Really good, plus really underrated. Liked the ending, too.

Never heard of it but sounds cool.

192 LSD Dream Emulator

This is not a creepypasta

193 Radiation's Halloween Hack
194 Shelley Duvall is a GHOST
195 Hyper-Realistic

This is just a funny parody of people always using the term, Hyper-Realistic. - booklover1

Don't look at the picture! It's worse than Jeff, Squidward's suicide, and Luna game combined! Unlike the other creepypasta, this one is... hyper-realistic.

This hyper realistic story is so hyper realistic, that your hyper realistic mind will hyper realisticly explode. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

196 Crappypasta

Crappypasta stories may have flaws but they're not THAT bad. People who say they deserve no credit at all are just haters.

197 Team Fortress 2 Engie's Suicide

By far the creepiest thing that I have ever read in my life. This should disturb anyone. It's a pretty quick read, but that last line is so horrible..

Yeah it's not that scary though.

He scary the picture doesn't really show you anything of what he looks like so it's kind hard to tell what he is but still the words who was phone is pretty scary I thought was done reading them like what it's really scary it freaked me out now I'm scared to answer the phone

I have yet to read another creepypasta that has stuck with me for as long as "who was phone". It still gives me the chills when I am home alone at night and the phone rings. Bluh, don't read by yourself!

I laughed

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199 Pig Day
200 The Theater

This one is so interesting! I really wondered if this game ever existed. I was also creeped out by the simplicity of the game

The game was pretty creepy. In the game, the creators said that you were supposed to click one of the posters with the movies labled on them on the wall.

No one will play it because we are not doing just walk beside worker men and what at last just a wall I mean ho creat this game

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