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241 The Rusted Rabbit

I love rabbits, and I personally like to think I'm a rabbit, so this story ruined that for me. This story. Ruined. Rabbits.

So creepy. will keep you looking at your garden constantly for days.

242 Return To Sender V 1 Comment
243 Dingo The Wolf
244 The Pointer

The game that gives you coma and die!

245 Never, Never

A Regular Episode about Mordecai been murdered by a woman in front of Rigby.

246 The Baby Doll
247 Spongecry.avi

This really disturbed me. Quite freaky and much better than "Squidward's Suicide." ONLY LOST EPISODE PASTA THAT BEATS IT IS 1999.

Totally agree, I love lost episode pastas and this, 1999 and Rap Rat are the best by far.

The picture of decayed SpongeBob looks awful! This is the only pasta which haunt my dreams...

V 3 Comments
248 Trust
249 A Lack of Empathy
250 The Seven Deadly Sins The Seven Deadly Sins

This story is really chilling and is a good read spite a few spelling errors. The ending is slightly predictable but that might just be me.

I cried on this story. And it was in the class.

251 Will You Play With Me?

You've been trolled when you say that.

No, so creepy that I won't..3.

252 Dear Brother Dear Sister
253 Pearl.Avi

So heres the story pearl is revealed as an orphan so he kill himself when SpongeBob find his corpse pearl looks so horrible that's all

V 1 Comment
254 Kelios

I don't know why I found this creepy

V 1 Comment
255 Channel 10,000

I'm never going into a house with Dish Network again. Long story short? Creepy channel connected to hell. The T.V. version of Username 666.

I've heard a longer story about this channel' thank god I have xfinity.

How children's guts and organs and blood sputs out. And mark viewdnit. But I think it is very intresting

V 1 Comment
256 Camera 23

No way will I EVER listen to the song 23 again.

257 Annora Petrova

A sentient Wikipedia Page ruining a Woman's life? Sign me up, I want this out of the 200's!

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258 SpongeBob SlenderPants

This creepy pasta is SpongeBob and slender man mixed, showing that it's SpongeBob with a blank face, and a black suit, just like slender man.

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259 Prevention of Evolution
260 MARIO txt.file

I first saw this image In a video, and boy, that disturbed me, a lot. First, a cold-shivering sound ( you can find the video in stickypaddles channel, he makes videos about creepy Eastereggs and creepypastas), then, the worst part, THE IMAGE. It was the face of a human, with red skin, something on his/her check, and kinda no mouth, but the most freaky part of the image was the eyes. Black, scary, with the right one sticking out. More disturbing than slenderman.

WARNING: plan on not sleeping before looking at the image, I've known that image since March. It was the 1st most disturbing one I've ever seen, with the 2nd being a bloody image of tails doll. Oh, and the year was 2014 when I discovered it.

Yeah, the game was a little creepy and strange, but the image disturbed me so much.

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