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281 Sally.Exe
282 The Truth Behind the Teletubbies

I applaud the creator of this story for the great amount of thought and effort he put into writing this and how he relates every element of the show to insane and creepy theories of the world.

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283 The Lost Baby Einstein Episode

The story is bad, I'll admit it. But the video was creepy. Scariest part: The scene where a car crash is playing with a baby crying in the back ground.

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284 Cream Doll
285 The Guy In the Screen
286 Don't Open Your Eyes
287 Blair Witch

From the witch trials, she is one sworn on revenge to anyone who ever hurt her. She is insane yet adorable (she reminds me of Harley Quinn from batman) She has two blond pigtails and she keeps her wand between the one on the left. (No she does not need the wand but it makes her more powerful) she has learned to absorb the power from the wand and can use it freely as long as the wand stay on her.

288 This Man (Ever Dream This Man)

His face is creepy, I dream of him every day since I first saw him O. O

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289 GTA IV

This one makes me think... - bestgamer

290 The Wyoming Incident

Disturbing video

291 Well to Hell
292 Agamemnon Counterpart V 1 Comment
293 Groupie Marilyn Manson
294 Cervine Birth

Sounds disturbing

295 Satan’s Sphinx
296 The McPherson Tape
297 Ever dreamed of this man
298 Camcorder (1dollar.wav)

Not terribly frightening, but it is INCREDIBLY well written. Don't forget to check out the sequels!

299 The Observer
300 Berzerk
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