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301 Case Number 2
302 30 Minutes
303 Alarm
304 The Smiling Man

This is by far one of my favorite creepypasta stories. I have listened to it on YouTube more times than I can could. It's short but it's a great story at the same time.

I've listened to it on YouTube countless times and it is by far one of my favorites. It may not be very long, but it's still a great story.

305 The Grinning Man

Another favorite of mine. It's spooky and interesting. It so deserves a higher spot.

306 Li'l Miss Rarity

I read about half at about 11 at night. I couldn't get to sleep for an hour.

307 The Crayons V 1 Comment
308 Murdershy
309 Asylum
310 Cheerilee's Garden
311 Scarlet Harvest
312 The Cough

Probably one of the best My Little Pony creepypastas of all time. It creepy, it has a little gore, it's a little sad, it's horrifying, and the plot twist was absolutely astonishing. A very creative work that does not deserve #285. - SoraWolf

313 Sweet Apple Massacre
314 Channel ∞

The best ritual pasta and the rest is all junk!

This isn't scary, but god it's believeable. Really great ritual pasta.

V 1 Comment
315 Fat

This is so gory it makes Unbranded Laptop look tame.

316 Humans Can Lick Too

A disturbing tale about a girl late at night waiting for her parents to come home but there late so she goes to bed but can't go to sleep because of a "leaky tap" that's annoying her.
Her "dog" comforts her by licking her hand from under her bed but something seems off... - have-fun-sleeping

317 I Know My Parents Loved Me Very Much, But...

This story is quite well made with a scary plot twist at the end.

318 Taps

The mother of the narrator in this story clearly has mental problems. Trying to visualize the events that transpire in this is just sooo horrifying

319 Hanging Man Hill

Not the best but it's worth a read. An urban legend gone too far and the narrator's friend pays the price.

320 Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Lost Episode

This one is worth the read. Although it may feel like a ripoff of Squidward's suicide that doesn't take away from its horror element. And how we feel in this position of the narrator where he describes the strangeness of the video.

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