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341 Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Lost Episode

This one is worth the read. Although it may feel like a ripoff of Squidward's suicide that doesn't take away from its horror element. And how we feel in this position of the narrator where he describes the strangeness of the video.

342 Grandpa's Second Voice
343 A Story to Scare My Son

Is it real? The choice is yours whether you want to believe it's real or not son

344 I Wish I Were Mad

This story delves into the mind of an insane man and shows the perfect example of an unreliable narrator. You don't know what to believe when he says things.

345 Antran
346 I Am the One
347 My Daughter Is a Doll
348 Annabelle

The scariest part about this is that it's true. A movie was made about this one and it was good.

349 The Truth About Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
350 I'm a Killer
351 Pewdiepie.exe
352 Melissa the Heartless
353 I Have Thin Walls
354 The Wanderer
355 Meek

A very interesting creepypasta. You don't really think much of the obese main character until the twist about 3/4 of the way through when you hear about the dead bodies.

356 To-Do List
357 Harold
358 Comfort Numbers
359 Do Not

This was almost the best creepypasta I have read but there are so many others that put this one to shame.

360 Jana the Killer
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