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361 Tapemouth
362 Hetalia episode 23.5
363 The Life In the Machine
364 AntiChrist Superstar

I love Marilyn Manson. And I love this CreepyPasta to.

365 Timothy The Ghost Engine

Timothy is really creepy looking with his face have blood on it and he has no eyes it is just creepy he should be in the top 10

366 Masterpiece

The story itself was, you know, okay. But the ending... Didn't see that one coming.

367 On a Hill
369 The Trailer

This is one guy named Mr. Nightmare on YouTube came up with this Creepypasta and he posted himself reading it on his channel. It's good, scary, and kind of disturbing at parts.

370 Julia Legare

This pasta isn't as well known as most, it's very well written and a interesting read.

371 The Keyhole V 1 Comment
372 Ms. Candy Cane
373 Elevator Incident

The only good creepypasta because it's the only one that's actually believable. Most other ones suck. - sketchysteve

374 Turn the Crank

Read this one for a nice surprise. This one is not as scary as it is interesting. - GREATEST

375 12 Minutes
376 Bad Dream
377 11 Miles
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