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41 Hope is Lost

This most scariest SpongeBob SquarePants lost episode I did seen because it's under rated this well written and well spoken creepypasta lost episode this episode is scarier than Squidward's suicide. Also, Plankton got served was another scary lost episode creepypasta

Why was this deleted from the creepypasta wiki! You know what that means? It means you must read it at the trollpasta wiki!

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42 Happy Appy

I just came upon this and had to make an account just to post this. I have never once read this article, heard of happy appy, seen it, been told about it, nothing. but I remember as a young child having dreams about this very character. it was accompanied by whom I don't remember but as soon as I saw that apple character, I remembered the dream that I haven't thought about in a while. basically all I saw was me sitting beside this apple character, it emotionless looking forward, sitting in what looks to be like a kiddy-train which went around a cul-de-sac shaped plaza. I have no idea why I would have dreamt about it but after reading the popular creepypasta, Candle Cove, I'm a bit shaken up... - laurenland14

I think that this was complete plagiarism of 1999, which is a way better creepypasta. Yet this is sitting here at 21 while 1999 is at 109! 1999 was convincing all the way through and had the whole Creepypasta community arguing over whether it was real or fake. Happy Appy seemed similar, but by series 2/video game it just got stupid with all that Danny and Miranda stuff. I would urge people to read 1999 before even voting for Happy Appy. Although Happy Apply is iconic, 1999 is a better pasta. Check out "Top ten Creepypasta" on Listverse to get a rough lowdown of the story before reading it. You'll never look at teddy bears in the same way...

Really long, but worth the read in my opinion. Really good details and really disturbing. This one kept me up all night.

I LOVED THIS! how did they get ACTUAL footage of 9/11 YEARS before it REALLY HAPPENED!?!? that freaked the heck out of me! I'm still wondering about it...we may never know

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43 Burgrr Entries
44 Mr. Widemouth

It gives you chills, which is what you would expect from a creepypasta

What is the origin of Mr. Widemouth? Because I have read the story that Mr. Widemouth tells the boy to kill himself, but I want to know the ORIGIN! (Though the one where Mr. Widemouth tells the boy to kill himself isn't to bad)

My most favorite creepypasta ever! So creative, yet so realistic and plausible, and creepy. Maybe one day you'll have a very creepy imaginary figure of yours that will try to get you to do dangerous stuff.

I loved it! Made me terrified of my feerbies bit then again they were creepy.. And way love its up there with tailypo!

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45 Dear Abby

This by far is my favorite because it's realistic! The scariest things in life are actually the things that can happen in real life rather than fiction in my opinion. It starts off to what seems to be just a sweet compliment to a clumsy man. Then it turns into this horrible stalking obsession. After reading this, I try to be careful who I give my compliments out to now! Wonderful amazing story!

Made me feel absolutely sick to my stomach, very well written. But extremely disturbing.

Definitely one of the best, the story is perfectly written and is very disturbing, very underrated

It is a good creepypasta because it was fun to find out that he was insanely mad with her. If you ask me, I think he is a male Yandere

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46 Autopilot

One of the Creepypastas that actually made my jaw drop in awe. I don't know how to explain my love for it but the simple psychological horror of what happened to the narrator was awesome. Made me think about my /own/ Autopilot and what disasters I could come across if it gets out of order.

This is a truly horrifying pasta. Simply because of how real the situation can be. One of the worst things that could happen to a person.

Great pasta because it's so realistic. No demons, no monsters, no ghosts, none of that. There is a 100% chance it could happen to anyone.

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47 Robert the Doll

This is real, you can actually view the doll in a museum in Florida. I recommend watching the video about him by scare theater on YouTube also.

The scary part is that he is real. Best creepypasta ever.

It's based on a true story, just like Annabelle.


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48 All the Papers Lied Tonight

Awesome twist ending. Great pasta. It's just that the title doesn't make much sense to me.

49 Dating Game

This creepypasta is longer, but does not disappoint. Sometimes it may be a little cliche, and the ending and results of the actions that take place have an obvious conclusion. However, the feeling of this story and the characters are fairly detailed. It may not be the absolute best, but FAR better than some of the other pastas on this list.

Oh my god! This is the creepiest ever! Better than any of the other creepypasta especially the bit where she gouges the mans eye out while he is still alive

That is so feaking creepy I definitely want to see this in the top ten! I just read it and I am sure to have nightmares I can just see the glowing green eyes now

That was awesome how the girl tricked him into marrying him, then she had that plan to kill him, very creepy.

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50 Funnymouth

One of the creepiest creepypastas I've ever read. I love how it builds up the suspense and then at the end just lets it all out. It's amazing

It's just a very good, interesting and very creepy creepypasta, definitely of of the best I've ever read.

Amazing pasta, but underrated sadly. Definitely one of my favorites. I still have nightmares about it. Should definitely be higher up on this list.

Very interesting creepypasta, the image still unnerves me to this day!

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51 Bedtime

I can't believe this is so low on this list. It's hands down one of the creepiest and most chilling stories.

I loved the ending... And mostly everything else as well. Absolutely superb.

Didn't they make a game out of this? Its called 'it moves' I think.

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52 The Art of Jacob Emory

Great story and deserves to be higher on this list

Come on, how can you forget this one

53 Clever Bot

This is the most scary in my opinion I don't go on creepy pasta any more

How is this a Creepypasta? But I heard that you can make it talk about BEN DROWNED! Maybe that's why...

Cleverbot sometimes know what you have been doing lately

I go on this all the time and end up runing into ben drowned

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54 Anasi's Goatman Story

There are a ton of underrated creepypasta on this list, but this really surprised me to see it down so low on the list. Especially behind the tons of Jeff the Killers and Slenderman stories. This story is so well written, and feels realistic! Read it, it's worth it even though it's long.

WHAT IS GOATMAN DOING DOWN HERE! I know it's not as well known as some of the others, but I've never been scared more by a creepypasta than goatman. Plus, there isn't even gore, and it's still scary.

Almost as good as my top 3 (1999, Rap Rat and Dating Game) and pretty damn awesome. Deserves to be top 10!

I would rather stay at a Hilton with Slenderman than this thing... I am literally crying after listening to it

55 How To Play Hide And Seek Alone
56 Jvk1166z.esp

It caused a buzz because it was a virus, or seemed to be. If you tried to load the game with the mod active, it would hang at the initial load screen for a full hour and then crash to the desktop. If you let it get that far, your install of Morrowind, along with any save files you had, would become completely corrupted. Nobody could figure out what the mod was trying to do, since it couldn't be opened in the Construction Set. Eventually, warnings were distributed not to use it if you found it, and things died down.

About a year later, in a mod board I used to frequent, someone popped up with the mod again. He said he was PMed by a lurker who deleted his account immediately after sending. He also said that the person advised him to try playing the mod through DOSbox. For some reason, this worked... sort of. The game was a bit laggy, and you couldn't get into Options, Load Game, the console, or really anything else, other than the game itself. The QuickSave and QuickLoad ...more

57 Fallout 3: Numbers Station
58 Ghost
59 Slenderman vs The Rake

Another good one with a battle between the Slenderman and another popular creepypasta, it's in two parts and gives very good explanation with the slenderman mythos, might seem strange at the begining but will all lead up the a very good ending, love the story.

These two are the best because the Internet has caused idiots to believe in them.

Anything that is a horror character vs a horror character is pretty funny to me. 2 killers battling it out. Hilarious. - username34

60 Rap Rat

This pasta is creepiest I've read. I couldn't sleep for nights due to this story. I kept waking up at 3:00 in the morning and couldn't sleep until 4:30 due to the ending. But all in all it was pretty good. :D

Imagine is operation did the same thing!

Stupid, plagiarized of other pastas, and over all cheesy. (No pun intended)

This creepypasta gave me nightmares for weeks.

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