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81 Super Mario 64: Damned

I know that game mabey some one creat it from the real Mario game I think

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82 The Smiling Cat

I think smile dog is stronger than smile cat

I wish I had as a pet to protect me from dogs XP

Isn' this like Le Grinny? I mean hello! They make this when Le Grinny was made and denied when the authors wanted to make it a creepypasta!

83 Bloody Mary

Why do people even bother doing this? Bloody Mary isn't real. It's an illusion made by your mind since you expect something so your mind fills the gap. - Ultron123

I tried this many times...but it never worked...

Who's afraid of her don't do these Instructions! :
1. Go to a washroom and turn off the lights (if you want to be more challenging)
2. Bring a candle (if you want to do 1. To be more challenging)
3. Say Bloody Mary 3x in a mirror (in the light or in the darkness
4. You will see her behind you in the mirror in the light or get jumpscared in the dark

84 Chatroom 98

One look at Darwyn Clarke's face is enough to make you wanna commit suicide.

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85 Five Nights At Freddy's Hidden Lore

Lol not a Creepypasta - Gruunge

They have a hidden lore where because I will not play it any more every one now why
1 when we lose

86 Hypno's Lullaby

Oh come on, no love for this creepypasta? I shiver every time I hear the lullaby.

This is simply a lullaby, but it's extremely disturbing nonetheless.

Hypno looks weird but I still like him has to be in the top 15

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87 SCP Foundation

This has, by far, the CREEPIEST kinds of beings and entities.

I don't know if this counts as a creepypasta, but it's better than any of the others.

I already read so many SCP Pastas, they're awesome!

Just read any of the 3000 contest entries...

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88 Obey the Walrus

This thing is so disturbing it will haunt you for a while and then you'll never want to watch that video again ):

I honestly couldn't even watch the whole thing. I have seen and read a lot of creepypastas, and this one really got to me.

It's so unnatural.. It really made me feel uneasy.

I love this so much, but it's not really a creepypasta. - Gruunge

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89 The Grieving

Its a the amazing world of gumball lost episode.

This is defiantly VERY disturbing and gross... For TAWOG being my favorite show it gave me night mares... The ONLY funny part is when Nicole was swearing and Nigel

This is simmilar to the red mist but less creepier the title card is even creepy it gave me nightmares

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90 The Clown the Paint and the Turbines

This is really good! I like the ending. - GREATEST

91 Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver

I loved this Pok├Ępasta to no end! It was such a great storyline and everything, I think this needs to be in the top 10!

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92 The Thing That Stalks the Fields

I like the story and it's creepy and all, but I hate how the man's horses are all dead and decapitated since horses are my favorite animal. The picture is the creepiest part. Still, it's a good story and I do like it so I won't judge too much.

93 The Devil Game
94 The Mist

Stephen King wrote The Mist - Humancentrist2999

95 Kagome Kagome

Me being a Vocaloid fan, when I came across this I knew I had to read it. Being much more realistic than the song- which it follows quite tightly- I would give it a nine out of 10. I liked the detail and, although legnthy, built suspense well and kept me engaged. I loved the fact it made you believe such a thing could happen, due to the fact it included time era, names, location etc. It was one of the more original pastas and probably one of the best I've ever read. It was subtle, making it scarier than Smile Dog, Jeff the Killer, The rake, eyeless Jact etc. I loved it.

I really like this one... It's not creepy (To me. Most of my friends would have nightmares after reading this one), but I think it's kinda... Interesting. That is the only word I could think of the that doesn't make me sound like some psychopath. Anyways, It's really neat, and even has it's own song!

This creepypasta was based on a true story, which makes it even creepier! They describe everything really well and the video is on there too. It's very disturbing and being a true story only adds to the creepiness.

This is my favorite. - Winterush

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96 The Sniper

Should have more credit since its very original and has very unsettling details when describing The Sniper and how he kills people

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97 Doug's Real Life

Very creepy, very weird, yet awesome ending. - booklover1

98 Lavender Town Song Conspiracy

Forget the music one, that's just science. Just don't read the one about Buried Alive before you go to bed. - Pikachulover1

Lavander Town has certainly earned the tons of Creepypastas written about it. It's truly chilling, and the song has given me a headache every time I hear it. If you listen to the missing beats, you will hear the truly unverving music at the end that haunts me in my dreams.

99 Sacrifice

Its another Rake creepypasta but this one is my favorite because its crazy and has a great ending

100 Click Reload

Clickreload is one of my favorite creepypastas because is a REAL website. Still waiting for the old man and the flash of bright green light.

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