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121 No End House

How is this not on the list? - Gruunge

122 Hey Arnold Lost Episode V 1 Comment
123 Gloomy Sunday the Hungarian Suicide Song

Gloomy Sunday is an actual song and most people who heard it did commit suicide. I've heard the song myself and it is certainly a depressing song. I've never read the creepypasta but I can tell you all the documentaries and such about it surely scared the hell out of me

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124 Who Was Conversing With Me On the Cellular Phone?
125 Abandon Lonliness

I love this one, especially if you have read the pasta and you may have watched the hack on YouTube too, lonliness and Leaf. It's so sweet yet unerving to me...

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126 Red Mist

Its for those who know this creepypasta and forgot to put it up but yea its a spongebob creepypasta. Now to me I thought that this creepypasta story is similar to squidward suicide. Now red mist is about squidward playing is clairinet and then a red mist comes and turns his eyes blood shot red and when he go into the concert a red mist comes out of his clairinet and everyone boos and there eyes are blood shot red and then he stares at you and crys and commet suicide. THAT IS THE MOST DISTURBING CREEPYPASTA EVER! Acually this is the first creepypasta I knew and it is beyond hell creepy. The photo trys to make me not sleep and if you look at this photo long enough you will never think or look at squidward the same way again. And that's why its creepy and awesome.

Who wants to have a staring contest with Squidward?

Basically another Squidward's Suicide. Whoever made that episode probably made this too. And that person should also go to jail forever.

This is Squidwards suicide's proper name. By the way.

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127 SCP 087-B

A.K.A., The staircase.This creepy pasta is just very scary.I heard too many rumours saying that if you go down long staircases you will see a pair of red eyes and a big smile, kind of like smile dog's.I mean, yea.They even made a game about it.And believe me, I was so scared hell, I didn't EVEN WANTED TO GO DOWN OR UP THE STAIRS ALONE.This creature is actually made from people.It was made from a company named "SCP Secure Contain Protect".And believe me, this place is HUGE.That creature broke out of its cell and haunted the staircases of that 1957, a worker in there was told to ceck the sewers in the basement.After 5 hours waiting, he never came back.Many of my friends didn't believe me at first, but then...they all had encounters with it.So what is this creature? An allie? An enemy? A type of alien copied by human kind? We have yet to known.And well as for me, I'm still running...

How is this not the scariest if you look at it you get the crap scared out if you if you don't you die

The hell?! Why is it only 107th? I mean, this one isn't the most scary SCP creepypasta, but I think it is far better than this sexy psycho for emo teens named Jeff! (Oh, and search "SCP Foundation" on internet, you won't be sorry^^)

Umm just to be a smart@ss umm scp 087-b isn't a creepypasta it's a scp

( )? ( ) dumb butt

128 Deep Web

The Deep Web is very disturbing, creepy, and scary!

Isn't the deep web like some place that criminals sell stuff, and weird things are there? Is that the same deep web as this one?

It's not a creepypasta, it's real. But those stories about it are fake.

129 Humper-Monkey
130 Everybody Hates Chris Lost Episode

I was sorely disappointed in this creepypasta. Not only was it generic as heck but the show that was chosen could never be scary or have a scary scenario and it was short this pasta was just bad from the title's name

Not very scary but really creepy. If your sensitive to scary things don't read. It just puts the images in your head, y'know?

131 JVK1166z
132 The Game that Listens

If you haven't heard of this game it's a gba game of Mario kart super circuit. At the back of the cartridge it's written "T.G.T. L". It stands for the The Game That Listen. I don't want to say that lys scary bit interesting and a good creepypasta. This only scares me when I think someone that talks to you or listen from a game. I recommend that you listen than reading, that's my opinion but you can read it though. It's just more interesting and creepy when you listen

133 Proxies From Slender

Caused by Slenderman, looks creepy, but a proxy is human, a possessed human

I wanna be a proxy...i feel like I deserve to not be a regular I already am

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134 Banned Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Host

This is the best creepypasta I've ever seen. It was so creepy I still can't sleep... Holy crap that was just creepy.O. O

Best... Creepypasta... Ever... Yay.

135 Polybius

Hey mom, I want a quarter to play this game. It supposedly has the potential to kill you, if you play for it for long enough.

A game that causes death. What more can I say?

Um... Is This a Creepypasta?

Good thing I will not play this game if I see it but what happend to it?

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136 Sally

Sally's story creeper me out! Sally's Teddy Bear Charlie, that her mother got her for Christmas, gets up at Midnight and murders her family. Charlie does not kill Sally, but stayed with her. Sally, on the other hand, is very adorable and caring. :D

She is a little girl that has a sad story
But isTuff and super cute.
( fun fact ) it is actually Charlie ( her teddy bear ) that kills her family not sally.

She is my favorite creepypasta

Finally found it! Sally is my favorite creepypasta!

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137 Dipper Goes To Taco Bell V 1 Comment
138 Marvel Ultimate Alliance Lost Mission
139 XoRax

The primary focus of this one is on an illness known as the XoRax disease, a pandemic that has been sweeping across the earth. The story is told from a young boy's perspective, sharing his horrific experiences related to the illness. I don't want to say any more about this one because I don't want to spoil it for you. This is by far, one of the most incredible creepypastas I have ever read. The story is very well written and the ending will literally blow your mind if you picked up the little clues along the way as you read. I'd say that XoRax is more of an interesting and sad creepypasta as opposed to a scary one, but it's fantastic nonetheless.

Fantastically written, more of a fan fiction than a creepypasta. Well done.

Very, very sad. But I love it so much! Short, and definitely worth the read.

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140 Case No. 304

Creepy, intense, and leaves you wonder so much better than the better known pastas

Love this one! Kind of generic but still pretty good.

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