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141 Persuaded
142 Why Baby's are Born Screaming

They just are cause it hurts

143 My sister was murdered and she won’t shut up about it
144 The Gym Teacher
145 Bloody Gir

Bloody GIR was supposed to be part of the Invader Zim episode, GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff but Nickelodeon didn't want blood to be in the show so the ZIM studios got angry and decided to hide bloody GIR in a couple of episodes just to show Nickelodeon who's boss. This wasn't the only time they ridiculed Nick, either.

Do you know that Bloody Gir is found in some episodes of Invader Zim briefly?

This creepypasta was the best I've ever read if you don't get a jolt from this then you muust not be human

146 Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

The haunted video must not be watched. His creepy smile...Lots of copies can be found on Youtube, but no one has the real full version...

147 Trigger Happy

This is a sky lander not creepy pasta

148 The Waffle

This Creepypasta is one of the scariest I have laid my eyes upon, I can guarantee the chills

149 They Come
150 Warning

This one is freaky. And it deserves to be in the top 10 - Mumbizz01

151 Murder Is Like a Painting

It gave me the chills at every word, filled with gore, but the vocabulary of it was what I believe made it every bit more intense, and suspenseful.

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152 Ben (A True Story) Ben (A True Story) Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc, trading as Ben & Jerry's, is a company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

This story really creeped me out! I mean it was really terrifying. That Ben... Who was he?. It's the creepiest creepy pasta I've ever red. And it's a true story. In Greece...

Creepy. I loved it. Great story if I do say so myself.

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153 Dogscape

I love this thing, this messed up thing. - Top10Turbulance

154 Family Guy Lost Episode

This was just some fan wanting to get more attention for an already popular and overrated show there's nothing scary about this nothing whatsoever

This is the same as squidward suaside sorry I'm 7 and a watch creeypasta's

155 Hoody and Masky

Are you serious? I thought this would get, like, 10th or 11th place! Wow! I'm disappointed, considering how many people love Hoody and Masky.

I thought this one was pretty good actually. It's worth your time.

From Marble Hornets. Definitely worth a read.


156 Liars

It's similar to Jeff the Killer, with a few major differences. Jeff was bullied, Jimmy was a bully; Jeff was disfigured by fire, Jimmy was disfigured by acid; Jimmy got what he deserved. This story is also a bit more chilling.

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157 Max and Ruby Theory

My entire tablet froze right after watching this. I could even shut it down!

Had not read it but the picture, Oh my god man its disturbing. Max and Rubys faces looks like the Ghostly figure easter eggs from Super mario Galaxy 2.

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158 Ronald McDonald House

This story is so unnatural and unsettling in every single way. It combines the elements of being alone, darkness, insanity, clowns, and gore. It deserves to be higher on this list.

This story is so unnatural and unsettling in every single way. It combines the elements of being alone, darkness, insanity, clowns, and gore. It deserves to be higher on this list.

Very weird, but still a good read.

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159 The Origin of Laughing Jack

A lot of people just call this a gore fest but they don't say that Cupcakes is a gore fest. I know, I've read it and Cupcakes has way more gore than this, I mean I could barely get through it. There is a lot of gore but its not too much in my opinion. For my satisfaction its just right.

This should be WAY higher on the list. This tells the story of how Laughing Jack came to be and it is a bit spooky. I love this story.

I voted for Jack on my favorite and went on about the origin and how great it was
So I really don't see the need to put the origin on a seperate bit

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160 Where bad kids go

He went back to find his scarring childhood memories and found horror. This one is quite terrifying with its implications

When the Creepypasta said that's were the bad kids go, I started laughing so hard.

Love this one! It's very underrated. It's also very very short. One of my favorites.

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