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161 Plankton Got Served

One of the worst episodes of Spongebob Squarepants (One Course Meal) had finally revealed a terrifying origin.

This name was going to be the name for one course meal

162 Jason the Toymaker

I actually like this one. In a way, Jason is a lot like Laughing Jack. If you abandon him or forget about him, he will be your worst nightmare. Jason the Toymaker is actually a very cool and interesting character; I really like his hair.

Jason the Toymaker is Terrifying I mean just straight of creepy that voice and the phrase he uses ( I will fix you) it's just creepy he should be in the top 10

This is a great pasta. Never abandon Jason or he will kill you and make you into one of his own creations.

He's my personal favorite, I mean, burning kids alive with wax? How's is that as good as just stabbing someone?

163 Teeth.jpg

A great one that sent shivers down my spine, gave me nightmares and the fact that he labeled everything is just insane

164 Doors

Overlooked horror story with a fantastic twist! Unlike the 'Jeff' stories, this one is smart and well written.

165 The Scary Burger

This pasta involves a burger that eats people, instead of people eating burgers. It's really an environmentalist/animal rights thing, but it's a good one.

166 Fog
167 Rugrats Lost Episode: Chuckie's Mom V 1 Comment
168 Midwest
169 Die Before You Sleep
170 I'll See You In Hell
171 Halo Ghosts

Yeah they were ment to be AI bots but got removed at last minuet and you still find them. I think they can kill you but you. Can't kill them and that's what makes it creepy

172 Super Mario 64

Ok, this is by far, the most scary, horrifying, terror-causing creepypasta EVER WRITTEN! Along with Emine and other Super Mario 64 creepypastas.
It shows Luigi dying, a black thing chasing Mario along, the Japanese whimpering when Mario's face was spinning, the family that turned into skeletons in the time it took to dunno.

THIS IS SCARY, The way you picture it makes it even EVEN more scarier, Tell me this isn't at least giving you the chills. Terror-full

173 Teddy

Which one is it? Their's two of them and the one I think this page is referring to is the one I haven't read. The one I have read isn't that scairy, but the second half is funny as hell.

Teddy scared me and I'm not usually scared of creepypastas but this one made me look around my bed to she if it was there o :

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174 Dark Link
175 KageKao

Yes! KageKao! Both scary and entertaining at the same time (even though he's an OC).

176 The Black Dog and Goat

A story twisted in every single way that just feeks wrong but little bit of right as well as making and not making any sence. Its not exactky nightmare fuel but it's a worth reading. It's so well written to the point of looking like a short book, it also has detail every where it matter as well as keeping out details where they shouldn't be

177 It

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178 Spongebob's Suicide

The YouTube thumbnail is creepy enough.

179 Glitchy Red

I love him and silver! Top ten or at least top twenty

180 UBOA
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