The Russian Sleep Experiment


This is the first creepy pasta that I've read and after the experience, I've been traumatized with horror and shocked with fear. This was a new level in horror for me and a terrifying masterpiece. The goosebumps have not stopped ever since the reading. The psychological horror and gruesome twists almost physically force the vomit out of your stomach. This creepy pasta keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. This is the greatest creepy pasta ever written and it is truly worth your time. The end leaves the reader with a deafening silence afterward. This bone-chilling tale is riveting and the pure definition of the horror genre. I have one word of advice for those who want to read this piece of literature... DON'T FALL ASLEEP. " I must remain awake."- The Russian Sleep Experiment

Just a terrifying story. It's brilliant. Ok now here is my rant on why Jeff is actually the worst Creepypasta.
This kid has no excuse for his attitude, his strength, or his amount if FANGIRLS. FANGIRLS need to get their heads outta his ass and actually act like a normal creepy pasta fan and not go goo goo for any creepy pasta with a homicidal guy. My favorite creepy pasta is The Stairs. (Read it so you can actually get a decent taste of what a good story is.) One second is a normal emo teen that has too much of a drama issue. The next, he's a serial killer? What, just because of some bleach. BLEACH. And might I add that in this story, he's 13? he's 13 AND CAN DODGE ALL THE POLICE'S BULLETS, KILL HIS ENTIRE FAMILY, AND BE A "Badass"?!?! NO! The writer did change this later on but the story was still a pathetic waste of time. To recap;

1. FANGIRLS need to read some good creepy pasta like an actual fan would and not write fan fics of Jeff, or any creepypasta. Respect ...more - Peculiar

The Russian Sleep Experiment, I think, is a pretty scary CreepyPasta, mostly because it's believable. Most other CreepyPastas aren't so believable. You can tell yourself the other ones aren't real and be on with your life. But this one... The dear sorta sticks around a while, because we know that Russia is crazy and kind of abusive (No offense Russians! ). This is something that very likely happened.

In truth, this is one of the scariest stories on the web to date. It makes Jeff the Killer and Squidward's Suicide look terrible compared to it. Jeff the Killer was only half scary near the end, and Squidward's Suicide? It just has no build up at all. Although I can say I like both of those creepypastas, but this hands down is just a damn classic. Should've been number one. - Swank

I first read this and thought..."what". then I realized that this ACTUALLY happened then I felt so bad...i don't exactly know why I did...but I just did... I thought about how they all died and were torturing themselves in the way they were and I thought it was so crazy that this happened to these innocent people...i'm not scared easily so I just thought of it as another creepypasta...yet to be confirmed...

This was by far my favorite creepypasta. It wasn't one of the ones were you get bored fast and just stop reading, oh no this one kept me wondering and I loved it! I had to keep reminding myself that this I just a story and that this never really happened (or at least I hope not.) Loved it

I just love this story. It has a creepy vibe, yet isn't very scary. Still, it's a good read. - booklover1

What I love about this one is the great detail that is described and the way it's written is just like an actual factual report or account of the experiment. At times it can seem realistic but it's also so unnatural and warped. The ending is also very unexpected.

When I first heard of the Russian Sleep story, I was really quite scared to read it. Once I did, though, I fell in love with the story and love reading it just for fun. Definitely something I would recommend reading if you have a strong stomach for the gory parts!

I'll be honest.

I laughed when I read Jeff the Killer, and I've read at least another hundred or so pastas without being scared even slightly. This is the first pasta that ACTUALLY scared me. For that, I give it my vote.

This is the scariest Creepypasta, in my opinion. Might help that I had no idea what a creepypasta was and just happened to be listening to it on YouTube. I thought it was an actual documentary, at first, but the end gave it away.

The pictures are so creepy I can't GET THIS STORY OUT OF MY HEAD! And now I'm NEVER I REPEAT NEVER GOING to go to Russia or to sleep with that roaming through my head! It should be number 1. (P.S. don't read it you will never sleep again. )

This one got me into creepypastas, whIle it's not my favourite it's definitely a classic. Dark, unsettling and a bit realistic. Definitely deserves a higher rank than creepypastas such as Jeff the Killer or Slenderman. - Riftix

The first creepypasta I've ever read. Absolutely amazing, especially since I love gore, and it always makes you hastily want to read more and more of it throughout the whole thing.

This one is my favourite creepypasta. It not only sets it in the past, which is more believable, but it also sounds like something the Soviet Union would do. By far the most brilliant one of all time.

I love the Russian Sleep Experiment! I honestly love it like crazy. One of the best, it's amazing and everything, and I recommend it to anyone who loves creepypastas.

This is probably my favorite pasta. It was satisfyingly disgusting, and the graphic descriptions are purely horrifying. I recomend reading it if you have an active imagination, as you can easily see and feel what's happening. WARNING: please don't try to read this if you have a weak stomach. You will end up vomiting, I promise.

The most artfully written creepypasta there is. It was physically disturbing and gave physical reactions! Also, a beautifully composed ending just tops the cake for me!

The only word I can describe for this creepy pasta is disturbing it is really gory with all the blood and guts in stuff it is just disturbing I am glad it's in the top ten

Gave me nightmares! The pictures are horrifying and the story haunted me! My first creepypasta I read. Read if you don't want to fall asleep (or make you want to sleep

The Russian Sleep Experiment captivated me and made me cringe... while I quickly grew tired of Jeff the Killer and Slenderman, this one really stuck with me. - stormyskies

Favorite creepypasta by far. Good stuff. This should be number one, not Jeff The Killer. Very detailed, interesting, and scary. Makes for a good scary story.

What makes this creepy pasta on my list is that it is really disturbing with all this guts and hearts and skin in stuff it just makes is really gory

By far the scariest, most thought provoking, horrific and realistic of all the creepypastas. You will get insomnia!

Its just so creepy... And it is also really gory, but it's a good kind of gory, it doesn't take anything away from the story.