Squidward's Suicide


Thank the lord this wasn't an actual episode. I hate this with all of my passion. I hate it more than the combined total of Batman: Arkham Origins, Nicki Minaj, and Rae Sremmurd. By the time this is over you'll wish death on the creators who have stained the image of your favorite Nickelodeon show forever.

I can't go to sleep at night without a lamp because of this, and I only saw one picture and read only like half of the details.

It doesn't help that they made terribly blatant references to this in Are You Happy Now?. (What do you think Squidward was going to do with that noose hook? ) - WonkeyDude98

I was really scared of SpongeBob after reading this. All the blood, dead children, guns, noises, I was actually very confused. Hasn't Squidward dealt with boos before, or was he tired of being terrible, or knows he'll never be good? It was chilling and I watched the video, and I had no idea what I was looking at. The story was so detailed that I imagined that I was the intern staring at the screen, wondering what the heck I was witnessing. I might be afraid of the dark now.

This is the first creepy pasta I saw and it is the most disturbing thing to ever cross my mind. I read some others and none were as good as this so I suspected I found one creepier than usual. The photo is so disturbing and the thought that someone could even imagine something so horrible is even more disturbing. It's so disturbing, I'm convinced the events in the story actually happened - michael.bishop.9231

A VERY graphic creepypasta. Some people say it actually exists and that they have posted it on YouTube. The story helps you imagine what is going on, and sometimes that isn't exactly a good idea. Especially when the story get more gorier at about the end of the creepypasta. The story is good but watch the video on YouTube if you dare...

One of my first creepypasta readings, it was amazing for me. It gave me a good scare, and the weariness to check behind me everywhere I go. Still, has a mysterious ending!

I hated this one. It was so graphic, disturbing, and violent. I was especially disturbed by the descriptions of the murdered children (especially since I am the big sister of two small children myself).
It essentially left me in a state of terror, disgust, and shock. But that's what creepypasta's supposed to do, and I can't very well go on horror-story websites if I'm gonna be a wuss about it.
I've got to go watch some "SpongeBob" now, to comfort myself.

This story is so creepy. I LOVE SpongeBob, even at 19 years old, I still watch it all the time. So I was able to picture everything the story described in the "Squidward's Suicide" episode... Never will watch SpongeBob the same ever again. Had chills the whole time. Still have yet to watch the video of the episode though...

I have read this creepypasta once and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. The picture that is used with it was enough to haunt me, I still can't get it out of my head. If you want a good creepypasta to read, then this is it, but be warned, once you read it you will never forget it

This is seriously really crazy, you can go on the creepy pasta page on YouTube and listen to someone say it and its scarier that way. Everyone really needs to read/listen to this you might also want to watch the video itself.

What I love about this story is that it puts us in the position of the narrator. Because many of us would probably be thinking the same if we had seen an episode like of a kids' show. An episode like this also seems likely the way the show is going right now unfortunately.

Squidward's Suicide is one of my personal favorites. I know someone who cries like crazy just seeing his picture (with the blood-dripping eyes) or hearing about it, and in my opinion, that's proof that this is a frightening, creepy, scary, creepypasta.

I was watching a video on creepypastas and I think this was the first on or the only one I remember but after ward's I couldn't sleep, because of course it was at night, why not. This might not be the scariest but it certainly imprinted on my mind.

I'll give this creepypasta credit because it was the first to make a lost episode where things are horribly wrong with it and the picture is disturbing so if you want to read a good one then read this

This is very, very scary. After I read the article, I could not sleep for the whole night as I thought about the pictures (even though I didn't see them). Job well done for those who scared me out of my wits!

The reason this creepypasta is scary is because it is hard to disprove. The Spongebob crew all say they saw it. If you don't know the creepypasta, it goes something like this:
"The show started off normal, with Squidward playing his instrument at a concert. The audio and video start to not match. However, it was quickly fixed. After playing however people start booing, even Spongebob, who's eyes look extremely realistic. If you watch Spongebob you probably know this is unlike him. Squidward starts to look scared. Then he screams. We were then treated with switches between Squidward and scary looking images. This goes on and on."

I thought this was a well planned Creepypasta. But it does use 'hyper-realistic' a lot. After reading this I automatically was never going to watch SpongeBob again, laugh out loud

NOT THAT SCARY! When I saw a different one when squidward shot him self in his mouth, up his brain, with a shotgun I think, that one is the SCARIEST, CREEPIEST VIDEO I EVER SEEN.

Never going to look at that image ever again in my entire life that really freaked me out and the most disturbing creepy paste I've ever read I didn't sleep last night

I don't Care WHAT You say, This is the #1 Creepiest Pasta out there. The image is the worst part. DEAR LORD! I haven't read it in a year and I still remember that picture! - bdcool3

Squidwards Suicide on if the creepiest things I've read. I always watched Sponge Bob as a kid but I will never watch That episode again. The images scared my mental state. I carved a smile in my face to keep me from being depressed. I killed my family and I'm still on the run. Now will you please go to sleep...

Yeah the squidward's suicide surely deserves number 1 place it contains nightmares man. One will never sleep at night if he/she reads this material

A very graphic and creepy story. It leaves a haunting feeling on you. If your even the least bit squeamish, stay the hell away.

This is the creepiest. Just look at his eyes for 2minutes. It will scare the crap out of you that will even take your soul out of your body

I remember the first time I read this. I was so scared for like 5 nights. I will never think of SpongeBob the same way again!

This is the only creepypasta that has actually scarred me. I could barely sleep for weeks.