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201 Symond
202 Symond Striker V 1 Comment
203 BoomBoom Signature
204 Slazenger V100
205 Slazenger V600 Panther
206 BoomBoom Blaze
207 Adidas Master Blaster Rookie

Very affordable. Has great potential to hit sixers and fours easily, has a long handle, has a comfortable grip, and it also is quite heavy. So if you are a young player, you cannot use this bat. This definitely should be on the top 3. Also, Rohit sharma, raina, and even Sachin tendulkar use this bat. Is also used by captain DJ bravo. This is also my bat that's why.

208 New Balance Achieve
209 KG Cavalier
210 SS Impact

I hit 70-75m six from my SS IMPACT, we can also hit great sixes by using tricks as we hit the six in the off side easily and in the back by playing some fancy shots

V 2 Comments
211 PS Kashmire Willow Woodsy

Worlds best cricket bat. The strokes of this bat is awesome. Using thib bat every one can score a century.

212 GM Six6 F4.5 DXM
213 Hero Honda V 3 Comments
214 KT Hatke

WHAT THE F Seriously this is a tennis ball bat and is 4 pounds 15 oz. Worst willow ever, Horrible leverage and a blade that cannot hit save yourselves do not EVER EVER by this peice of! @#$!

Just where it belongs- Last. Here are the specs 4p 15 oz, 1 inch sweet spot. These are the great feteures: Extra heavy, thin blade so you can slog yoursef out and will DECREASE your leverage! High end, top of the notch low and poor quality RECYCLED ECONOMIC KASHMIRE WILLOW! And of course, this is KRISHNA THEO ENGINEERING. Making top of the lone horrible bats since forever. Enjoy.

215 Screaming Cat
216 Milo Plastic Bat

It is amazing. It has a huge middle. I hit 6 sixes in an over with this against a bowler 103kph

V 1 Comment
217 CW
218 DP Blade (XPP)
219 Ihsan Lynx X5

Have used it in 6 matches so far. Scored 57 in the first innings and hit 27 runs in an over. Very good ping and if you time the ball well it travels fast!

V 1 Comment
220 SG King Cobra

Superb bat. Great bat.

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