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41 Gray Nicolls A61 Gray Nicolls A61

Awesome Bat! Very powerful! 15 sixes 21 fours for me. 2 fours off a block! TRY this BAT!

Fully awesome bat good middle just all-round good good good

Nice bat, medium weight but big profile and feels good in hands.

I hate it max you can score is 13

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42 GM Argon

This is a great and powerful bat. It can hit really hard.

It is quite heavy but packs a punch

I vied a guy that hit 5 sixes and he had this bat BOOM BOOM!

Best bat should be #1

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43 Puma Platinum Black Edition

How is this not higher on the list? First time I picked one up I loved it. evenly weight and a huge middle. players profile as well

My first over, 6 2 4 6 6 4. Nothing but power, even one of my miss hits went one bounce 4

Should be top ten if not 1. Amazing middle and quality willow

Should be number one. It has a great weight and a HUGE middle

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44 Mongoose ToRQ V 1 Comment
45 GM Apex

I have played with this bat and my personal opinion is that this bat is AWESOME!

Light bat very comfortable to use. I have used this bat for 3 years and can still hit boundaries. I love this bat and more pros should use it. This bat has a great sweet spot when it is hit and can smash every ball for four.

It has a strong power to hit a ball

Best bat ever

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46 SG Nexus Extreme

This is the best bat good quaLITY and stroke

It has very powerful stroke and is my favourite these bat is good for the t20

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47 SS Ton Sunridge Orange V 3 Comments
48 Slazenger V3

This bat is good to play short balls and to make a master stroke

I heat six sixes and two four in two overs. I think it is the best bat in the world

I hit 4 sixes and 3 ffours in this bat and Yuvraj singh used this bat

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49 M&H Original
50 Adidas Libro

It is the bat I wanted

Adidas's dark blue colour libro is the best bat in the universe.

It awesome. Sachin has it.

I love the way it has a lot more power than any other cricket bat

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51 Kookaburra Menace

Huge sweet spot, great pick up, 2ib 8oz, with most bats that have a big swell in the middle, they are weak on shoulder and toe end but this bat is strong there as well, but if you hit it in the sweet spot, the ball will FLY!

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52 Slazenger V360 Slazenger V360

Eoin Morgan uses it and is one of the best slazenger cricket bats. It is on a lot of covers for slazenger cricket bats and is really high quality so I would definitely recommend it. I have the Slazenger V360 Panther. Slazenger all the way.

It is very good. Shots were going very well. I think it will be best bat

It is the best bat and I will keep this bat with me for the whole life of my time. Really vote for this bat.

Because it is my bat for the whole life.

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53 SG Nexus Plus

Sg nexus plus is a very good cricket bat. It gets seasoned very fast and is light also. If you time the ball properly you can easily clear the fence. It is a kashmir willow bat

If you try to hit the ball you will miss it and get bowled.

Light weight, easy holding and seasoned fast

Dog sucks like hell like nobody likes it never bye it bye SS josh instead

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54 Gunn and Moore Six6

The best bat in the world if the best person is AB Deviled then that is the best bat in the whole entire world that is being used and is never going to be the ugliest bat because it is the best bat in the whole entire world

Great middle and a nice strong bat

This bat is number 1 not 71 very nice bat best in the world

Seems like a great bat

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55 Boom Boom Arrogance 200

Amazing bat got to try it
It will put a smile on everyones face
Its the best for striking if you haven't used this bat you don't know nothing about cricket

This bat is unbelievable they took the weight of this and added more power and edge it is the new and improved boom boom signature 175

Best bat to see & also for striking

Appear to be nice

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56 Charlie French V 1 Comment
57 SS Josh

All ss bats are good ss josh is cheaper but heavy
It can hit big hits

My school have this bat very bad bat

I love it you should bye it you can score 209 with it

You should bye it

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58 Kookaburra Genesis V 1 Comment
59 MRF

It is the best bat as I have played with it, it is heavy but hits very powerful shots

I have one of this bat!, it is so light and powerful and can smash sixes easily!

It damm good and best

It should be number 2

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60 SS Gladiator

It has a very good stroke to hit a ball

I love thi bat cause it has a good edge

It's a good bat with awesome power

This bat is very bad

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