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81 GM Maestro

Huge profile and packed with punch

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82 SG T20I
83 Kookaburra Rogue

Solid bat, allows me to reach even the greatest boundaries, would definitely recommend for young players (teenagers),

It have good strokes and we can hit the ball outside the stadium - keshave Gaur

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84 Boom Boom

Nice bat I have use it

Best bat in the world! Shahid afridi king of sixes used it!

I hate this bat. It is too heave and too thin no quality whatsoever

Because of Shahid Afridi (The King Of Cricket )...Fan number 1 (Umair Ali)

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85 Puma Iridium

This bat is great. I have it and I made 107 on 61 balls with it. This bat is also recommended by international cricket players.

It is a very light bat and it's blade is very big it is a bat which ADam gilchrist uses it can be used for many years. It has very good wood

I like that bat from in the age of 5 years now I had puma cliber bat

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86 New Balance

Joe root and Smith uses it.

I have this bat the middle is so good the other day I hit seven 4s and 2 sixes

Great bat

87 Kookaburra Kahuna Prodigy 90

This bat is very light in weight and we can play big shorts easily. Brad hodge is also played with this bat

I got 59/40 wins in match it is vert light in weight and we can easily play big short with this bat

It's the best bat till I have used it's a bit heavy but... The power is unbeatable almost a defense goes for 2 Runs and six s goes so high and far, the fours goes very fast and rearly saved and it's not too expensive!

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88 SG Cobra Gold

Best bat ever seen. POPULAR BAT.

Best bat in the world

Good bat. Can be improved

It's the best bat ever

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89 BDM Rough Tough

It was a great bat I had I score 213 not out in 173 balls

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90 SG Super Cover

Awesome Bat! Very well for the Beginners.

The best bat in the world. Very nice bat

The best bat ever it should be in number 1 - AAGAM

91 Adidas Pellara

Because this bat is stylish I love this bat

Strong bat great for the attacking player

This bat has a beautiful bat in the world and I think this bat is no. Is 40

I have the top of the range pellara elite xt. Paid top dollar. Nice pick up, balance, nice grip, grains look good, but honestly the biggest piece of crap bat ever. The middle is crap and tiny, and it sounds like and feels like a dead plank of wood. Never again adidas! Hence y not many top class players use these bats, rubbish!

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92 B&S M4K

Its light and got a lot of power

93 SS Heritage

The most comfortable, beautiful and hard hitting bat I have ever seen.

This is not the best bat to use if you want to bat until your team gets bowled all out.
It took me 4 hours to make 100. But for E. G, it took me 1 hour to make 100 with the kookaburra bats.
0 out of 100 from me sadly ���"

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94 CA Somo

This bat is very light and it is lovely to play cover drives

I like this bat because I have it and it is very good in shorts.

It is an excellent bat you can play easily with this bat

This bat can hit any ball for 6. Its great for T20 cricket

95 CA
96 MRF Master

It quality is very good

It is the best bat ever


It is the best bat in the world.I have this bat it can hit shorts is so good that I can't tell about this

97 SG Believe
98 SG Sunny Tonny

It english willow and best bat I have seen ever

It is my bat and I hit 150 from 157balls with SG sunny tonny. And it has big edge. It is the best bat ever

It is the best bat in the world. It is lightweight and has a good edge and a good blade

It is the best bat. Sg is better than ss

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99 SS Jumbo

Still have mine, brought in England in 79.
The Grandkids will enjoy it soon!

Their good bats it is a shame, that they don't sell them any more, my dad used to have one.

My dad a lot sixes and fours on SS Jumbo and Sir Vivian Richards used this bat

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100 Reebok ZigTech

It has a very thick layer. And the person who uses it hits sixes and fours.

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