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121 KG Challenge V 1 Comment
122 Stricker

Strong, powerful, good ground shots and sixers are the main features of this bat...

123 Laver and Wood Reserve
124 Adidas Rookie

It is the best and is even used by Sachin Tendulkar who is known to be the god of cricket.

It is the best cricket bat and is used by Sachin Tendulkar who is known to be the god of cricket.

V 1 Comment
125 Gray Nicolls Oblivion

These bats have an awesome sweet spot.. I don't bother running when I hit them from the middle of this thing

Brother had one really nice small but great sweet spot it's the limited edition

This bat rocks its used by alaistar cook endorsed by him and the kaboom is endorsed by david "nutter" warner it allows for unparrarelled accuracy and has a sweet spot which is lethal I recommend this bat for people who want a comfortable play

126 M&H Master

Definitely worth the money because this bat withh beastly edges is good for straight shots down the ground. My first innings with my m&h master 100 retied

127 SG Reliant

It very awesome bat and it is very stylish bat

This is a very bad bat

128 CA Cover Drive

Easy to hit 4s and 6s...

129 (RNS) Larsons

Its cool we can play shots easily with the bat and travis bird scored 20 from 1 ball with that bat.

130 MRF Genius Grand Edition

Best bat I have ever used! I have been a fan of GN and GM bats, but boy, this bat is a belter!

V 2 Comments
131 Warsop Venom Pro

Unlike all the large bat manufacturers Warsop bats are priced reasonably and are handmade by one man and his wife you can pick up a fantastic bat for £235 and I guarantee you it will be as good as many 300-350 pound bats

Best bat on list, this is handmade by experts not a machine

132 Ihsan Smash

A great bat for kids who play with a tennis ball street cricket

133 Omega Gray Nicolls
134 BDM Hammer BDM Hammer V 1 Comment
135 SS Magnum
136 Puma Stealth V 1 Comment
137 M&H Solution

Good bat for all conditions especialy wet as sweetspot is right at the bottom first over with this bat 4,4,1,6, no ball,4,2 overall score 78 not out wahoo!

138 SS Dragon

Awesome bat... Even a gentle push is enough to ball over the boundry line...

139 SS Viv Richards

Well balanced... Great for the classy and typical bookish player...

140 Cougar Sixer V 1 Comment
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