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161 Puma Evospeed

Light weight and comfortable to hit

What a nice bat

162 FLX Galac
163 Kookaburra Ricochet Kookaburra Ricochet V 1 Comment
164 Reebok Topshot
165 Aedos Zeus Limited Version
166 DP Limited Edition

Very light bat easy on the eye easy for those big hitters only 1 swing and you will get that big result

167 Hunts County Triumph Cyclone

Just bought this bat but am awaiting its arrival with eager anticipation. From what I have heard the sweet spot is very large and it has a very good hit to it

168 Puma Kinetic 3000
169 Blood Cobra

It is as good as cricketer chric gayle could use for 100oo 0 days.

170 BDM Jai Ho

The worlds worst bat that is not having great handle

171 GN Xiphos

Best bat in the world it is made from English willow so it has a light pick up. It's high sweet spot means it is good for an offenceive player

172 Reebok Smash

Thick bat and strong bat to play with leather balls can drive easily and could hit shots has a pure leather wood

V 1 Comment
173 DCM
174 Gray Nicolls Quantum

Very wonder full bat for cuts and strokes

175 Malik Sher Amin

Best bat ever! 1

176 Gray Nicolls Crusader
177 Wilson
178 Maspro
179 DSC
180 DSC English Willow

Its a good bat for those who don't earn very well beacause its cost is less and has given very good storkes

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