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1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni, commonly known as MS Dhoni, is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national cricket team.

He is the best captain in the world because he take decisions by cool mind and is moderate good in batting and wicket keeping

Mahi is the best captain I ever seen

The Coolest captain to be found on Cricket team...Powerful and Vibrant leader

Mahi is the best captain in the world

2 Steve Waugh

Mahi is the best!

Best captain

Dhoni is the best

Win rate of 72% and built a team that dominated for over a decade. no one is comparable to steve

3 Imran Khan

He is the number 1. Without any hesitation. Mahi is nothing in front of him.

Comparing him with now a days tods is somehow insulting the cricket legends. Whether its Dhoni or Kohli, they're groom in well system but Imran Khan groomed and skilled by his own efforts. He's number 1 without any doubt. The Captain which leads the team with bold and optimistic attitude.

Very good captain. Those who think Ms Dhoni and the Australian Steve Wa

He is the best one no matter in terms of cricket point of view but and also in social life as he is helping all the people needy in pakistan love you imran khan die heart fan

4 Richie Benaud

World no1 all theory's ICC & aisia cup tri series first time India two final only team MSD

5 Viv Richards

He is the one who never lost a test series.

Never lost a series ever. He leads his country for exactly 50 Test matches during 1985 to 1991 and won 28 out of that.

Powerful captain in cricket history

Undefeated captain

6 Allan Border
7 Kapil Dev

Becoming a captain of it's country is a tough job or responsibility.

Kapil dev deserve number 1 spot.

He is like a very destination setter his is very good very power ful

Best captain

8 Don Bradman Sir Donald George Bradman often referred to as "The Don", was an Australian international cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Bradman's career Test batting average of 99.94 has been cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any major sport.

Captained the 1948 invincibles and was the greatest player ever


Flippin moron crapest player I have ever seen

9 Virat Kohli

He is upgrading himself from every match. He is yet learning. He is going to be the best captain.

Takes decision with great thinking...
According to me he can break Sachin's record for most hundreds

Best Captain ever
Virat is going to be the best captain in the world some day

Best caption in India.
And best batsman.
Good fielding effort.

10 Stephen Fleming

Powerful captain...

The Contenders

11 Richie Richardson
12 Dada (Saurabh Ganguly)

Dada is undoubtedly the best captain. He gave new life to the Indian team. He showed the world a new side of Indian cricket

He is the best captain in team india. First a for He is bilde the number 1 team and he has thinking so well and he is the grate bats man and 2003 world cup is the grate experience so dada is grate please back in to the 2003 world cup sourav ganguly

He is best captain because he build up a new team India and dhoni get their result

Dada is the Best captain in the World. Who taught India that How to win without any key player.

13 Graeme Smith

An absolute example of leadership

Captain fearless

Superb leader

The best ever!

14 Ricky Ponting

Hey he should must be at the number one position. If not, then search on google or wikipedia. He is far better than most other batsmen of 20th century. Dhoni is no match with him. He is one of the greatest batsmen of all time and far better than the choker kohli, who is called the king of cricket.
The greatest captain of all time.

If Ricky Ponting had served in the armed forces he would have been a five star German. Such was his leadership qualities

Best caption ever

Very powerful captain

15 MS Dhoni

Best captain, best wicket keeper, best finisher and always cool mind. Always guide juniors... He is the best Captain ever, nobody replace him ever..

"The best"... Presence of mind is marvelous.. At last over even he is on field side or bating.. every one speak about television we can here the sound of people " Dhoni Dhoni.."

Mahi is also known as thala
This nickname gave by Tamil Nadu people's I am also Tamil Nadu

*Mahi is the coolest captain
*Well experienced captain
*Good wicket keeper also
*He take every decision with cool mind.
* Mahi contribution is always need for India
*Finally he is the good finisher

MS Dhoni's name is a definition of captaincy and greatness.

16 Rohit Sharma Rohit Gurunath Sharma is an Indian international cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket and captains Mumbai Indians.

Having good Captaincy skills that shows in lot of crucial time for her team.

Best tactical user of nepotism...encourages the players very well

Superb captain I have ever seen, he manages the crucial situations brilliantly on the field. I am the biggest fan of his batting and also of capataincy

World best captain

17 Mashrafe Mortaza

The captain who wants the team to win even sometimes he used 0overs of him for the team.

He takes the decision in a cool mind.
He is the smartest.
He is a good bowler.

He take decision cool mind... And he is brilliant captain... Any situation he is handle easily because he is brilliant and cool best captain

He brings confidence to his teammates. He is an inspiration to all. He is not the best of the players, but a great leader.

18 Kane Williamson

He is arguably the greatest captain in this era.
In finals, on the field, he didn't even cry because he knew they tried their best and the will be successful next time.

Ya of course I agree he is the real captain Cool and should be the no1 place in the list

He will remain as the best captain in this century. No one can match him

Yeh khiladi meri jaan hai love you bade bhai

19 Sarfraz Ahmed

It is a great caption in the world

He is very very good captain, intelligent and smart.

Great captain

Best captain

20 AB de Villiers Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, commonly known as AB de Villiers, Mr. 360° or simply AB, is a South African cricketer.

He is the best cricketer which I had seen my life ever

Best captain...

Best are best

Awesome supermancaptain

21 Kumar Sangakkara Kumar Chokshanada Sangakkara is a cricket commentator, former cricketer and captain of the Sri Lankan national team.

Deserves to be in top 10 because he was an amazing batsman and a leading captain

Best captain and batsman

Top captain. Should certainly be in top 10 or 5


22 Steve Smith

This CHEAT doesn't deserve to be playing cricket, let alone be a cricket captain, and he's such a cry-baby.

He should be the captain of Cricket Australia in all formats of the game

He's a CHEAT and should've been banned for life. Instead, he cried like a baby because he got caught. Pathetic. He doesn't deserve to be on the cricket field, let alone captain. Overrated and GROSSLY overpaid.

To good
No matter what he did
He’s to good
Leading the captain of Australia
He is too good
Just too good
Good to be back smith
All hail Steve smith

23 Yuvraj Singh

He is most powerful batsman super bowler ones upon a time,yuvi and Kaif fielding was more popular yuvi is best allrounder in all format

Very very most important and power full batsman

Best all rounder & powerful at no 4 batsman

Hai iam your fan

24 Alastair Cook
25 Eoin Morgan Eoin Joseph Gerard Morgan is an Irish cricketer who captains the England cricket team in One Day and Twenty 20 Internationals.

He's the current world cup winner, y'all are Indian inbred filthy dumbasses with low IQ

Best ever

26 Suresh Raina

Raina is super player because his talent was left arm batting and right arm spin,i like his ability and silent and also best fielder in the world

He made as captain in 3t20 series and he won that series 3-0 that's why he also best captain

Best player and captian


27 Dinesh Karthik

Like his way of captaincy

He is cool mind cricketer

28 Gautam Gamibir

Won so much match

100% success captain

Unkown number 1 captain of india

29 Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom started by him

Boom boom afridi I love shahid he is best Pakistan player

Best hitter.
I think that he can also play now

He is a actractive caption,He leades team players well,Make desision in right time,He is the best caption ever.

30 Misbah-ul-Haq

Best test captain

One of my best

Love that man

I think during his tenure pakistan team got huge acievements

31 Mohammad Azharuddin

Best captain

Good batsman and good captain

Indian best captain

Best captain

32 Arjuna Ranatunga

He deserves to be in the top 10 He took Sri Lankan team to the maximum

He is one of the revolutionery captains in the cricket history.
He took his team from No 9 to No1 in the world.

33 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Not the best captain.. But best in the world. Always best.. Always Master

He is the world's best captin and he captined mumbai indians and indian cricket very nicely. He the world's best captin.

Always be master
Grate batsman
God of cricket

One of the best captain of all time, he made India win single handly however improper support from his teammates made him unlucky captain ever

34 Brendon McCullum

Before bazz captaincy newzealand team game is a tortoise game n skills after bazz captained the team turned to a best of the best, he achieved the peak stage and brings the team to the world cup final in 2015 single handedly, sadly world cup was missed but bazz present in every cricket fan hearts 💘

35 Ravichandran Ashwin

He a good captain and he can take the kings xi punjab to the playoffs. he should play the world cup 2019

Clear Leadership and perfect fit

Good captain

He is one of the greatest bowlers in the history of cricket.He is also a good allrounder and is captaining the kingsXI punjab from the past one year.As he played under the captaincy of msd,he is going to be india's one of the most succesful captains.I think that he should play 2019 world cup

36 Shoaib Malik
37 Asghar Afghan

And who took the team and Nation to the highest level of modern cricket

Who made highest Win percentage for Afg

38 Faf Du Plesis

He is good captain

Pagal ka bacha he ye

One of the Smartest Captain... ❤

39 Darren Sammy

He is a really good captain. Won two World Cup.

He should be on first yrr

40 Michael Vaughan
41 Shakib Al Hasan

Angry man and great all-rounder in Cricket History

42 Wasim Akram Wasim Akram is a Pakistani cricket commentator, coach and former cricketer, captain of Pakistan national cricket team.

He is most successful bowler and dangerous captain for all formats

43 Dinesh Chandimal

Chandi is one of the best in SL but bating failure at times affected his career a lot..

44 Dwayne Bravo

Nice captain
Had lead west indies and helped DANGEROUS DHONI to win 3 titles of ipl for Chennai Super Kings.

45 David Warner David Andrew Warner is an Australian cricketer and the current vice-captain of the Australian cricket team.


46 Jason Holder

Leading west indies in a better way

47 George Bailey

i like him

48 Washington Sundar

Young Beast and a best captain of TNPL and His amazing Ranji Trophy, Another indian hope to beat sachin's record.

49 Inzamam-Ul-Haq

Such a great sportsman

50 Carlos Brathwaite
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