They have won the t20 world cup. They have topped the test rankings and have won the world cup in the fifty over format. These great feats have all come since MS Dhoni became captain. Some the reasons India are so great are because they have an outstanding keeper and an even better captain, they have youngsters coming and making starts for India which really helps them in the field, and they have an incredible knack for producing great batsman such as Gavaskar, Vishwnath, Tendulkar, Ganguly etc.

India is the champions of the world because they won 2011 world cup and they have the greatest players. When it comes to style it says it is Dravid and it comes to runs it has sachin and when it comes to hitting it is shewag and when it comes to mind it is dhoni and when it comes to fielding it says raina and power hitter yusuf pathan and to spin bajji and ashwin shares the momento so I say India is the best team of the world


I'm pretty sure hospitality over there sucks. They never win away games. The list should be 1. Australia 2. South Africa 3. India 4. Pakistan 5. England 6. West Indies 7. Sri Lanka 8. New Zealand 9. Bangladesh 10. Zimbabwe

Apart frm mising sum quality bowlers, dey are d best side nw a days. Evry bowlr wl hav night mares abt bowl against such a world clas batng line up. Startng frm shewag at no. 1 to ms dhoni at no. 7 lead by the one n only god sachin tendulkar..

Hats off you men in blue

India is one of the best and great team in the world. And most valuable player included the indian team. Jay HO!

they have highly experienced and skilled player. unfortunately the prominent drawback of the team is the miss fielding
indian players have a unique batting strategy but their fielding requires some serious training

Indian cricket players can not compare with any other team... Indian cricketers has strong enough support from all aspects... Cool players.. But in the end they are rockers.. No one knows it

My opinion is kohli and Dhoni should be opening batsmans so if even they are playing against a hard team India never loses a wicket.

India has achieved everything in the past 4 years with Ms Dhoni leading from the front.. Has won all three formats of the ICC events.. First the inaugral t20 world cup then the 2011 world cup n recently the Champions trophy.. India looks unbeatable...

The best team of the world we can ever have and the most amazing person or caption M.S. dhoni.. The leader of india cricket team.

Overall all of india's credit has to go to its captains.. They have the potential to lead the country forward like in the lights of ganguly and dhoni. India is certainly the best in the worlds. It has won all the icc tournaments and dhoni is the main reason for it

In my opinion easily the best twenty20 side in the world, and the best example of unorthodox cricketing genius ( Murali, Jayasuriya, Malinga, Mendis) in cricket history. They have arguably the best twenty20 bowler in the worldf (Malinga) and the most skilled of current bowers (Muralitharan) and the one of the top three test batsmen in the world ( Sangakkara) and one of the top ten best test batsmen in the world (Jayawardene) and (after Pollard) the second most promising young all-round prospect (Matthews) in the world. Enough said

All the best Indian team and the captain dhoni was great to our team captain

They have won the World Cup twice 1983 & 2011. They have won the icc world t20 in 2007 & won the champions trophy in 2013 so INDIA is the number 1 team

I'm pretty sure Australia is better than India because Australia has one 4 world cups! DOUBLE the amount India has won.

Indians players have a great adaptable features they can play great in each part of the world. They might face some problem at the start up but when they get used to something they do tremendous!

India is the greatest team in all world. All members of team India plays very well and very best. Because of they are Indians... and Indians are very smart, clever and active... Thank you

India has always been the best.
They have the best players ever like Sachin, Gavaskar, Kumble, Dravid, Ganguly, Kapil Dev ect.
rock on India

India is the best. What they have achieved is because of their strong leadership, partnership, and coordination. Thankful to all the players of India. India will always stay on the top. Thanks to Dhoni and Virat. Always with Indian cricket team.

Shawn Pollock broke his leg yesterday riding his bike he was at his favorite place to be on a bike and he went over a rock and fell off and went to Liverpool hospital

India is the best. Such an honest team. Hard working as well. I've seen few comments by Australians and Englanders. They say, due to the population, India stood at top in #THETOPTENS. China has 1.4 billion population, apparently more population than INDIA, then why didn't China cricket team or Hong Kong cricket team - Venkatesh80740

One of the best captains India has it MS dhoni. India has one of the best batting line up and pretty good bowlers. Over the years with the inflow of new players India has also improved its fielding. All the talent when lead by one of the best cricketing leaders MSD and 1 billion prayers results in the world's greatest team! India is the best!

India is the top cricket nation in the current world and Men in blue will be looking to add more glory to their history by winning 2016 world twenty20 which will be hosted in India. India won 2007 championship and were runner-up in 2014. Exciting to see them winning again

Definitely NOT the best. Australia is the best if you go historically. I'm not surprised India has such a high percentage due to India's population. - Minforever1

India is always the best at cricket they have won ICC world cup two times and they are the best team it also has the best cricket players in the entire universe which is... Sachin tendulkar,Kapil dev,sunil gavaskar and so on I am the number 1 fan for India go men in blue... We will win the cup again like we did in 1983 and 2011 and we will win again,again and again.

This team played very handsome cricket so far, I truly salute the team india for their outstanding performance in IIC Champions trophy! I Proud to be an Indian, India will always rock! ! Cheers