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41 Iceland

It's the upcoming team. When Cricket goes olympic they will surely join.

42 Belgium

They're awesome at soccer (football) but I think they should have a go at cricket.

43 Azerbaijan
44 Argentina

They're excellent at football (soccer) and I think they would smash the boundaries!

Lionel Messi must be the Argentina team captain because he has 93 pacs

Lionel Messi and Geronimo Rulli will smash six sixes against Ronaldo and Cedric Soares

You should say Argentina is the second and netherlan are 1 but by Argentinas luck Argentina won at soccer

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45 Libya V 2 Comments
46 Botswana Botswana

I Like That. 3
A Mi Me Gusta Eso 5
GO Bangladesh

47 Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a twin island country situated off the northern edge of South America mainland, lying 11 kilometres just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and 130 kilometres south of Grenada. V 1 Comment
48 Bermuda V 1 Comment
49 South Korea

I think around in 20 more years they might be an average team

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50 Jordan
51 Malta Malta Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. V 1 Comment
52 Hungary

Suck way to much probably never heard of the word "cricket"

53 Nigeria Nigeria

This team was in 2011 world Cup but couldn't succed much...Hope in yhe next world cup they should be there with a good training and potential to defeat other teams and keep them shocked..."GO Nigeria GO"...

54 Qatar

These brainless idiots put Qatar here and Qatar hasn't known th word cricket

Qatar is best in the Football

55 United Kingdom

England, Ireland and Scotland together is United Kingdom. All are already ranked before. So why is it here?

Not a real team

It is very good in being good.

so good

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56 Poland

How many Poles does it take to field a cricket team? Oh I meant screw in a lightbulb..

Pathetic teak.

They beated germany brazil and 25 more contries so there 5

57 Canada

A Team which played at least 2 Cups is ranked below teams which doesn't exist

We're talking about best ice hockey teams, right?

The expert in anything was once a beginner

Defienetly 19th Position occupier - Adron

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58 China

Very very very bad at cricket don't even know why they should play this game

Not good team don't think they will win for another hundred years

Does China know cricket? You brainless idiots will put Antarctica next!

China are awesome at cricket

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59 Mexico

Wow best team in the world you have to go hospital and check your mind.

Will rise soon thanks to some South American players and some drifting south from the US leagues

Viva Mexico

All of these people will go to mental hospital and chek theire mind and then the mexico cricket team will start to form and one day thell come and see the editor at the mental hospital

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60 Russia

This country is where I have seen cricket progressing with the the help of indian coaches coming to russia. The russians are giving a lot for is awareness and infrastructure in the sport.

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