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61 Brunei
62 Malta Malta Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. V 1 Comment
63 Qatar

These brainless idiots put Qatar here and Qatar hasn't known th word cricket

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64 Canada

A Team which played at least 2 Cups is ranked below teams which doesn't exist

We're talking about best ice hockey teams, right?

Most players are Indians

The expert in anything was once a beginner

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65 China

Very very very bad at cricket don't even know why they should play this game

Not good team don't think they will win for another hundred years

Does China know cricket? You brainless idiots will put Antarctica next!

China are awesome at cricket

V 3 Comments
66 Mexico

Wow best team in the world you have to go hospital and check your mind.

Will rise soon thanks to some South American players and some drifting south from the US leagues

Viva Mexico

All of these people will go to mental hospital and chek theire mind and then the mexico cricket team will start to form and one day thell come and see the editor at the mental hospital

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67 UAE

Brainless idiots rank this team after unknown ghost teams like Italy

UAE are way better than USA USA are the worst

I hate the team

Rohan Mustafa will be well in more few years and see his tie between George Dockrell

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68 Russia

This country is where I have seen cricket progressing with the the help of indian coaches coming to russia. The russians are giving a lot for is awareness and infrastructure in the sport.

69 Greenland

They don t even know how to play the game

Yeah your gonna search greenland cricket roster and see all penguin names in it

No Bro, They'll not turn into a popsicle, they'll turn into an icicle - Adron

Do they have a icy bat

V 10 Comments
70 Indonesia

I didn't even know Indonesia played cricket. They must be really bad

No way indonesia is a great team to be honoust

AND Hawaii

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